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Comfortable shoes for men and women

In the Fall-Winter 2019 collection you will find all the comfortable shoes you are looking for: men's shoes, women's ankle boots, high boots ... Always with the highest quality and the guarantee granted by the Made in Spain.

  • Tolino laces comfortable light brown leather

    Tolino laces comfortable light brown leather

    The stylish, comfortable and versatile shoe! They have become essential to go to the office, the park, to eat with friends... are the safe bet where each season are more adepts to the blucher shoes. More colors

    79,00 €
  • Blue and contrasting Tolino leather blucher laces

    Blue and contrasting Tolino leather blucher laces

    Stylish, comfortable and versatile! He has become a must to go to the office, the park, to eat with friends... are the safe bet where every season are more adepts for this type of footwear. More colors

    79,00 €
  • Women's high boots Tolino wide 3 black

    Women's high boots Tolino wide 3 black

    Are you looking for high cane and low heel boots? And you also need a special cane , Tolino offers us this season a different collection, look for your favorite model and will accompany you at all moments of the day. More colors

    159,00 €
  • Women's flat boots Light brown tolino width 3

    Women's flat boots Light brown tolino width 3

    women's flat boots with cane width! They are the most youthful models in the collection, they combine very well with sport dresses or pants, but if you need them for an event are your wild card star, More colors

    159,00 €
  • Boots Tolino wide reed 3 black heels

    Boots Tolino wide reed 3 black heels

    Do you need boots with a special cane width? The models of this season are ideal to combine with all looks, whether casual or a little more formal and with the assurance that you will be able to close the zipper thanks to the special width of the cane.

    159,00 €
  • Tolino boots special burgundy wide cane

    Tolino boots special burgundy wide cane

    are you looking for boots of special width in a different color? This season Tolino full of freshness the models width 3 with the tones you are looking for, do not miss them, More colors

    165,00 €
  • High boots Tolino wide cane 3 black

    High boots Tolino wide cane 3 black

    Stylish Wide-Top Boots! The perfect models arrive to show off this winter in special leg width, sophisticated and distinguished style where the zippers will climb without problem and accompany you with all your looks. More colors

    165,00 €
  • Tolino flat boots woman light cane wide brown color

    Tolino flat boots woman light cane wide brown color

    Your favorite women's high boots this winter! Tolino wide-top boots still enchant us, with original designs specially designed to fit you. More colors

    165,00 €
  • Women's high boots Tolino wide cane black

    Women's high boots Tolino wide cane black

    Your favorite wide cane boots this winter! Tolino women's high boots still enchant us, with original models specially designed to fit you. More colors

    165,00 €
  • Tolino high boots women color brown light detail buckle

    Tolino high boots women color brown light detail buckle

    Can't find your ideal wide boots? Tolino designs women's high boots designed to fit you, find your perfect high heel edwitht stalls. Just choose your favorite color! More colors

    165,00 €
  • Wide reed boots Tolino black detail buckle

    Wide reed boots Tolino black detail buckle

    Can't find your ideal wide boots? Tolino designs women's high boots designed to fit you, finds your perfect high heel boots, More colors ...

    165,00 €

Comfortable shoes Autumn-Winter

The time to wear sandals has been left behind ... the first autumn rains and temperatures suggest that ankle boots or shoes are the best alternative to fit our feet.


In Calzados Rosi we have very much in mind the needs of comfortable footwear for the whole family, each season we select the shoes, boots and booties of women and men to meet your footwear needs. If you are looking for the comfortable footwear that will accompany your steps this season you are at the right place, whether you prefer women's ankle boots, such as men's shoes, here you will find a wide selection of models and brands.


Women's shoes, comfortable and quality

Thanks to our more than 30 years of footwear experience for several generations, at Calzados Rosi we are fully convinced that we can offer truly comfortable footwear to our clients. From a woman's dress shoes, to a woman's full-fledged booties... always taking into account the comfort needs that current women need.


Much more often than advisable, many women sometimes have to battle with uncomfortable shoes and even harmful to their feet, all to prioritize the design, who has not heard the saying "to look beautiful you have to suffer"? In Calzados Rosi we are determined to banish this belief, so we do not stop offering women's shoes where comfort is not at odds with elegance, always looking for the highest quality of materials and the guarantee provided by the Made in Spain stamp that shine with Pride all our models.


Is it possible to find comfortable and beautiful women shoes? Of course, Yes in Calzados Rosi we make it possible by proposing the perfect footwear to enjoy every day, so that your foot always enjoys maximum comfort in any situation. Even for those moments where you want to look spectacular, that's why you'll also find a selection of comfortable women's dress shoes from brands like Luisa Toledo.


Women's ankle boots, to the autumn star footwear

Going from summer to autumn is usually a bit stressful, returning to the daily routine after the summer period and the holidays is a small trauma. And our feet are no stranger to this situation, having to leave behind the comfortable sandals that have accompanied us all summer is not usually pleasant. In this case, having some female dancers or women's moccasins is usually a good idea, in both cases they are comfortable women's shoes that will make the change of season and closet a little easier.


But once autumn is established, we all know that women's ankle boots will be the best alternative. We have spent several years that women's ankle boots have become the must of the autumn-winter season, and this year the fashion and trends magazine tell us that they will again be essential in our looks.


Women's ankle boots are the perfect footwear for everyday use, they are suitable to take them to work and then serve as the comfortable footwear ideal for walking. We all have many of those days of not stopping, in which wearing a flat woman booties is usually the salvation of our feet.


In Calzados Rosi we want to offer you the booties that best fit your way of dressing, that's why we propose a wide variety of models, styles and colors; from the comfortable flat woman ankle boots, wedge ankle boots, heel ankle boots, not forgetting the laced boots ... and especially the pisacacas, a comfortable and timeless women's footwear that have taken many generations, do you still not know them? Do not forget to take a look at our category of women's footwear boots.


Regarding the colors of essentials this season, black ankle boots will be the most sought after, but if you do not have any in your dressing room, do not forget to get a pair of brown woman ankle boots this Autumn-Winter, whether you prefer a more classic style, as if You have fallen in love with the cowboy trend, the brown boots will be your best shoe purchase this winter.


Women's high boots: essential this winter

At Calzados Rosi we want you to find your ideal footwear, and we know that women's high boots are one of the most sought after footwear styles every winter. The boots are undoubtedly the best option to dress our feet when the cold and harsh winter makes an appearance, and they are the footwear so that your foot always enjoys maximum comfort in any situation, for very bad weather outside.


Women's high boots also play a very important role when choosing our way of dressing and give a special touch to our look, they can also be worn in a thousand ways and ways, either with a skirt or pants, even simply wearing the boots inside or outside the pants will make your styling totally different. Specifically, women's flat boots are the ones that most often give our looks, since it is the perfect footwear to face the different tasks of your day to day, and if at any time you need to wear them with a slightly more special dress, you They will solve the look without problem.


Extra wide boots

"The zipper of the high boots does not close" If you have ever gone through this experience, you will know how frustrating it can be to not be able to wear women's high boots, at Calzados Rosi we have specialized so that this situation is a thing of the past. We want every woman who wants to wear high boots to wear them.


In collaboration with specialized brands in the manufacture of women's high boots, such as Tolino and Pie Santo for example, we have developed high boots with different widths, especially designed for all those women who need wide boots.


We have 4 different widths, so you can find the wide-leg boots that best suit you, with models of women's flat boots, high heel boots and wedge boots. Always made with skins and materials of the best quality, so you can enjoy your high boots for many years with maximum comfort for your feet. In addition every winter we renew with new models and colors according to the fashion and trends of the moment.


Do you already know our collection of wide cane boots? If you still do not have your high boots with the width you need, be sure to check out all the comfortable boots models we offer you. But not only do we focus on comfort. Style also counts, that's why we offer you wide boots with interesting and different designs. You can easily combine your new women's high boots with your favorite clothes this winter.


Men's shoes, classic or trendy

Men's shoes are essential complements in any men's wardrobe, especially in the fall and winter season, when the weather forces us to be prepared to fight the cold or rain typical of this time of year.


What is your style in terms of footwear? Do you prefer handmade loafers or are you more of laced man shoes... maybe your favorite are laced boots. In any case, we guarantee that whatever your preferred style of footwear, in Calzados Rosi you will find comfortable shoes for men.


In Calzados Rosi we have a very clear question: men's shoes should be comfortable above any reason. Our almost four decades of experience, matching different generations of men, has led us to meet the needs of men who choose comfortable and quality footwear. We are specialists in offering you the best men's footwear for every occasion. Be sure to check out our wide selection of men's shoes!


Currently, buying men's shoes online has become a usual practice, the Internet offers us the comfort of being able to see, compare and choose the footwear that best suits your style easily and economically. Without having to move from home! In our online store of men's shoes you will find the style of shoes that your feet need, from men's casual shoes, handmade loafers shoes, men's dress shoes... without forgetting our section of comfortable men's shoes, where the models are specially designed to maximize comfort at our feet.


Regarding the trend colors in men's shoes for this Fall-Winter season, there is no doubt that the black color will be the protagonist, although brown men's shoes are increasingly sought after, since they give a much more special touch to the way we dress


This season as a novelty we present the Luisetti sports shoes, a shoe designed to provide the comfort and versatility that men so much look for in shoes. Luisetti sports cars have been designed and developed with the latest technologies in the manufacture of footwear, and as a main feature they stand out for being almost the only men's sports shoes manufactured entirely under the Made in Spain label. Today, sports shoes are the most used by many men around the world, but sometimes they are sports with poor quality, where design or brand is prioritized. In Luisetti footwear they have managed to develop high quality sports shoes, with a current design and 100% manufactured in Spain.


Slippers and comfort canvas

The truth is that the shoes of being at home, is usually a type of footwear relegated to abandonment by many people, but the truth is that nobody usually resists the pleasure of arriving home in winter and wearing comfortable and warm shoes.


If you are one of the people who appreciate this little pleasure, you can not miss our sections of slippers at home for men and slippers at home for women. We offer you a selection of comfortable house slippers of brands specialized in the manufacture of slippers such as Alberola and Cabrera among others.


We also pay special attention to the elderly, with delicate feet and who need special care for their feet. We offer a wide selection of shoes and sneakers with special lasts and that extra comfort and affection that the most delicate feet need. In our comfortable footwear store you will find the models that best fit your feet with a wide selection of models from brands such as Pie Santo, Lumel or Doctor Cutillas.


Pisacasas - Authentic safari boots

Colloquially known as pisamierdas, they are a comfortable footwear style ideal for the fall season. The pisacacas or carapijos as they are called in some places in Spain, are the classic safari boots, a style of flat laced boot, which is usually made of suede leather and that has become a declaration of intentions generation after generation.


In we have been selling footwear boots for almost 40 years and we have a great variety of colors and finishes. Specifically, the patent leather treads have become one of the most sought after by many women. Our footprints are manufactured entirely in Spain with the best skins and materials selected by the Atxa brand of Calzados Arancha.