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If you still don't know the comfort of Luisetti shoes, discover why men's shoes are the best valued by those who wear them.

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Luisetti, comfortable and high quality shoes

The feet are one of the parts of the body that suffer the most, that's why the Luisetti shoes are made thinking of getting a comfortable footwear, for it only choose the best skins, flexible and soft, with light soles and high resistance and cushioning, In addition to lasts studied to have a correct position of the foot and can support all our body weight without causing fatigue or pain.

Comfort footwear for professionals

Luisetti is one of the brands of footwear for men that has better ratings by many professionals who spend long days standing or walking, hospitality professionals, doormen, security guards, postmen ... all of them have chosen Luisetti for their feet, knowing of the comfort they provide them.

Luisetti has a wide range of collections to meet all the needs of men's footwear, clothing lines, sports, and a very important part of the Luisetti catalog, are occupied by professional shoes, intended for all those men who spend long days walking or standing up; because in Luisetti they are committed to the needs of today's man.

Luisetti, committed to the environment

All the production of Luisetti shoes, is developed with a great involvement in the environmental sector, using water-based dyes and adhesives, plus all Luisetti shoes and boots, are made of natural leather, tanned with low chromium content, providing Footwear an added value.

In addition to this concern for the environment, in Luisetti have a firm commitment to men who wear their shoes, so do not give up in their efforts to investigate new technologies, to get a high quality footwear that combines comfort and style, get it they have a staff of designers and patrons who are constantly up to date with the latest trends, also collaborate with biomechanics institutes, contributing with new advances that improve flexibility and breathability.

The well-being of your feet is called Luisetti

In we bet to offer our clients comfortable shoes, with brands like Luisetti, committed to the health and well-being of the feet, as well as an implication for nature; every season we offer you an extensive variety of Luisetti shoes, boots and sandals models, so you can buy Luisetti shoes with total comfort from your home, from work, from your mobile device at any time the shoes you need. Try some Luisetti shoes to discover how easy it is to have comfortable and quality shoes.

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