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Laura Azaña

If you are looking for comfortable shoes, Laura Azaña is undoubtedly your brand, because each season surprises us with dynamic collections where comfort is present in each model.

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Laura Azaña, comfortable sandals to enjoy the summer

With the arrival of summer and high temperatures, we all look for comfortable sandals that do not allow us to enjoy the most luminous and special time of the year, where we can wear our favorite dresses and the expected holidays. If you are looking for comfortable flat sandals, be sure to try the models proposed by Laura Azaña, each summer season are the most sought after.

Comfortable shoes, but also boots and ankle boots

In our constant search for suppliers, Laura Azaña has become one of our favorite Made in Spain brands. Not only shoes and sandals, in the winter Laura Azaña boots and boots are a reference among customers who are looking for comfortable shoes, so more and more are the clients who ask us about the brand, because they know that it will bring them comfort and quality

Comfortable footwear 100% Made in Spain

In Calzados Rosi we value products made in Spain, this is one of the reasons why we bet on Laura Azaña every season, always keeping a space in our catalog for the firm. In addition to supporting the 100% Made in Spain production, we also value very positively the quality of all Laura Azaña products, the use of quality leathers and the use of comfortable lasts that adapt easily to the foot without causing inappropriate pressures or discomfort , is another of the values that we have most in mind when selecting the designs that will be presented in our collections each season.

Laura Azaña and the environment

Another of the reasons why Laura Azaña is a reference for us is the involvement of the company with the environment, Laura Azaña integrates healthy environmental practices in each part of her manufacturing, in order to develop a very comfortable and comfortable shoe, a the time to think that future generations find a cleaner world.

Footwear for current women

The spirit of Laura Azaña for creating collections ranging from casual and youthful style, to the most elegant to wear on special occasions, makes it a brand that covers all footwear needs for women today.

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