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Women's ankle boots

Find the best booties for women and enjoy winter

In autumn the trees come off their green habit and the first days of cold and rain arrive... And just on that date is when we miss a comfortable and stylish winter footwear, with which to face the low temperatures. Aware of this, in Calzados Rosi we offer you an unbeatable selection of women's booties, with which to enjoy the most of each day, it is indifferent if you prefer flat ankle boots or heeled ankle boots, here you will find the most wanted models, and always with the guarantee of being manufactured 100% Made in Spain.


A comfortable booties are undoubtedly the best complement for the cold months, its great versatility at the time of combining it will allow you to use them with any styling, either more trim and elegant or more urban and appropriate for day to day.


In our online shoe store you can find a wide variety of booties of the best quality brands like Wonders, Laura Azaña, Tolino, etc. In addition, here you can choose the type of ankle boots that best suits your needs choosing between flat ankle boots, ideal if you want the maximum comfort, or either heel or wedge booties designed to highlight more sophisticated outfits. The exceptional quality of our women's footwear will help you to feel comfortable, modern and with warm feet during all the days of the cold autumn and winter.


Do not wait any longer, and buy your booties online in our specialized store.

  • Ankle boots wedge burgundy woman elastic detail and fur lining

    Ankle boots wedge burgundy woman elastic detail and fur lining

    Comfortable female wedge boots! Discover the warmest and most colorful colors in the new collection of women booties. These burgundy loot will be your best allies this seaso. More colors

    76,50 € 85,00 €
  • Booties wedge woman blacks lining textile hair

    Booties wedge woman blacks lining textile hair

    comfortable women's ankle boots we all want! If you are looking for a comfortable walking shoes and easy to use for the day to day, wedge ankle boots will be your best choice. More colors

    76,50 € 85,00 €
  • Brown ankle boots woman detail velcro

    Brown ankle boots woman detail velcro

    women brown boots natural and unique style! This season we let ourselves be seduced by the warm colors and the natural style of the skin, discover how to feel comfortable this winter. More colors

    94,50 € 105,00 €
  • Black women's ankle boots velcro detail and serrated sole

    Black women's ankle boots velcro detail and serrated sole

    Natural season is fashionable! Women's flat ankle boots are the most comfortable footwear in winter, discover the new designs inspired by nature. More colors

    94,50 € 105,00 €
  • White ankle boots lace and serrated sole

    White ankle boots lace and serrated sole

    Bots for natural and wild adventure! This winter the boots are dyed the color of the snow in an original and creative style ensuring versatility and comfort in a modern look. More colors

    80,10 € 89,00 €
  • Black sport lace ankle boots

    Black sport lace ankle boots

    Design and passion in lace booties! The women botines are the most desired by many of us, and without a doubt the comfortable footwear par excellence of autumn-winter. More colors

    80,10 € 89,00 €
  • Ankle boots wedge woman comfort color black hair detail

    Ankle boots wedge woman comfort color black hair detail

    women, the most comfortable footwear for autumn-winter! For all of us who love comfortable footwear, these Holy Foot ankle boots will definitely be a favorite of the season.

    125,00 €
  • Brown ankle boots woman platform Laura Azaña

    Brown ankle boots woman platform Laura Azaña

    We're on platforms! It's time for the women's brown ankle boots, the most starring models of the season arrive with Laura Azaña. More colors   

    48,30 € 69,00 €
  • Women's ankle boots black Laura Azaña

    Women's ankle boots black Laura Azaña

    Trend-setting platform boots! There is no autumn/winter without a comfortable women's boots, this season's Laura Azaña collection is spectacular. More colors

    48,30 € 69,00 €
  • Velcro ankle boots Notton width 14 black color

    Velcro ankle boots Notton width 14 black color

    The most comfortable ankle boots in width 14! With the arrival of winter we look for comfortable walking ankle boots, Notton booties will be your best choice

    82,00 €
  • Wonders ankle boots E6207 flatblack shape

    Wonders ankle boots E6207 flatblack shape

    Full-day Wonders Booties! Discover the women's loot where comfort and trends of the hand of Wonders shoes merge.

    103,50 € 115,00 €
  • Wonders C33176 black patent leather ankle boots

    Wonders C33176 black patent leather ankle boots

    Wonders booties for stylish women! And where comfort is never neglected, because the best raw materials are used and made with the most expert hands.

    103,50 € 115,00 €
  • Boots of Lycra black with wedge

    Boots of Lycra black with wedge

    100% comfort! So comfortable, comfortable boots that seems to not get them jobs... Them booties of Lycra are adapted to the foot as a second skin would still not them have tested? More colors 

    60,00 €
  • Red elastic lace waterproof boots

    Red elastic lace waterproof boots

    Bet on red! Women's Boots with waterproof membrane in a striking color that fills the winter season with joy, More colors   

    69,30 € 99,00 €
  • Boots laces black waterproof membrane

    Boots laces black waterproof membrane

    The elegance of the well done! This collection of boots with cords for women combine the quality of the materials, the waterproof membrane lining and modern lines according to the trends of the moment. More colors

    69,30 € 99,00 €
  • Bordeaux lycra heel ankle boots

    Bordeaux lycra heel ankle boots

    ly crusts! Unify fashion, functionality and design, the burgundy wine color stands out for its originality and casual style, try them and check their great comfort. More colors   

    65,00 €
  • Black lycra heel boot

    Black lycra heel boot

    Comfort with elegance! Lycra ankle boots with heels, a unique experience in comfort and style. Discover our new collection. More colors   

    65,00 €
  • Comfortable ankle boots light brown campero style

    Comfortable ankle boots light brown campero style

    Brown boots for women, the kings of the season! With a campero-cut cut and aged seams, this Pepe Menargues model gets a "roll" that seduces at first sight. More colors

    67,50 € 75,00 €
  • Women's ankle boots style campero black

    Women's ankle boots style campero black

    Ankles loaded with fashion and comfort! This winter the collection of booties for women of Pepe Menargues is very fashionable, but also of excellent comfort. More colors

    67,50 € 75,00 €
  • Laura Azaña combined burgundy ankle boots

    Laura Azaña combined burgundy ankle boots

    The perfect ally of the most casual styles! Laura Azaña's morebots comfortable and youthful reinvented, the burgundy and black combination will fall in love More colors

    52,80 € 66,00 €
  • Women's ankle boots Laura Azaña black

    Women's ankle boots Laura Azaña black

    New version in sport ankle boots! As every season Laura Azaña renews her most charismatic loot, always with round toe and colorful ornaments. More colors   

    52,80 € 66,00 €
  • Ankle boots woman light brown lining hair detail laces

    Ankle boots woman light brown lining hair detail laces

    The style in women of the season points to Cuban heels to give the collection a rustic and wild air but always with the High Quality Pepe Menargues finish. More colors

    76,50 € 85,00 €
  • Ankle boots women laces black lining hair

    Ankle boots women laces black lining hair

    the woman's booties they fall in love with! Lace models in women'sbotins are always of great trend and fashion, covering widely the needs of each moment, More colors

    76,50 € 85,00 €
  • Black ankle boots style campero detail rivets

    Black ankle boots style campero detail rivets

    Style and elegance! The campero-style heeled ankle boots offer the ideal height to maintain comfort and be able to wear them all day, in addition to very original finishes.

    72,00 € 80,00 €

Women's booties - the most desired footwear in winter

Seasonal changes are always a little chaotic in our closets, especially when we move from summer to autumn. It is very common for several months to live in our dressing room sandals and tank tops, with boots and coats. This is mainly due to the fact that during the changes of season we can find ourselves with very hot days, where the best shoes we can use are sandals. To spend in less than 24 hours to have to put on our coat and some closed shoes. But once the fall is installed, the booties are the best alternative in terms of footwear is concerned, especially if they are comfortable booties.


We all look for footwear that allows us to walk comfortably and also look radiant with all our looks. Women's boots cover all your wardrobe needs for much of the year, but especially during the fall, booties are the most dynamic and stylish shoes you can wear. Among the wide variety of ankle boot styles that we offer, you will surely find the one that best suits you.


Flat ankle boots - the most comfortable

Without a doubt, they are the shoes that we all think about when we talk about comfortable boots, they are also the joker we all want to have in our wardrobe. A flat ankle boots are perfect for parties with friends if you accompany them with jeans, a blouse and a blazer; the booties will also be ideal if you want to give your personal touch to a more special outfit combining, for example, a lingerie dress with biker boots.


Going around any look is very easy with some low boots, since it is a shoe styles very comfortable, which also makes everything much simpler. Sometimes following fashion trends can make us complicated, especially when those trends have nothing to do with our personal tastes. But with the booties everything is easier, the flat ankle boots are a classic shoe in the world of women's fashion. But if you are one of the women who prefers to see life from above, you may prefer high-heeled booties...


High heel ankle boots, the distinctive touch of your looks

If you like the booties, but the low shoes are not designed for you, undoubtedly yours are the heeled booties, the heels provide the chic and glamorous touch that we all love to give to our outfits. In addition, the heeled booties are ideal to go for a drink with friends, or for an outfit designed to go to the office.


With the heel booties everything changes suddenly, any woman knows that some booties can make a difference, simply try to combine a shirt dress with ankle boots with a high heel and you will see that the result can be dazzling. If you want even more comfort, try some wedge booties with a boyfriend jeans broken in a restrained way, a white shirt with message and a small bag, you will create the perfect set for a woman who exudes vitality and freshness like you.


As you can see, the possibilities when combining some boots are almost endless, you just have to find the occasion. If you want to hit this autumn-winter with the perfect shoes that you're sure to fall in love with, do not forget to take a look at our selection of women's boots, in CalzadosRosi/en/ you'll find many options for all kinds of different situations. You just have to try some leather booties made in Spain to feel a new sensation in your feet.


Ankle boots, the synthesis between shoe and booty

The feet always enjoy an exclusive prominence in many looks, the choice of a specific type of footwear can make a difference. It has happened to us all on occasions that we were hesitant to choose between shoes and boots, that situation is a thing of the past thanks to the ankle boots, it is a style that is halfway between a booty and a the shoe is narrow, the border is so diffuse that it is sometimes confused. In any case it is a type of footwear weighing to maximize the functionality of the booties.


Did not happen to you at some time? That you have tried some boots with a skirt and dress and did not finish convincing the result, this usually happens when it comes to booties have the upper leg, try with a booties with the very short cane, that just rise above the ankle, and you will get a much more flattering outfit, which you will be fully convinced, the low booties usually end up rounding the styling thanks to the final touch they provide.


Comfortable boots, special width and for insoles

If you have very delicate feet, you will know that sometimes finding comfortable shoes can be a complicated task, also in the case that you look for a woman booties. In CalzadosRosi/en/ we bet to offer you the possibility of finding the most suitable model for your feet, with the widest and most comfortable lasts, and that you can also have the possibility of using them with your personalized insoles.


We know that having the right shoes for your feet, makes you gain in security and confidence, also allows you to dress with more elegant clothes that enhance your femininity and raise your self esteem. For all this in our wide selection of ankle boots, you will always find models of special width, with lasts designed to provide comfort to the widest and most delicate feet.


More and more, women who suffer some pathology in the feet that requires the use of custom, anatomical or orthopedic insoles to relieve the aches and pains of feet that prevent them from walking normally. For these situations the most suitable footwear are the booties with removable insoles. Aware of this, in our online store you will find many models that you can use with your insoles, since they have removable insoles. Brands such as Pie Santo, Pepe Menargues, Notton, etc. Each season we are presented with new models that meet all the requirements so that we can take care of the most delicate feet.


Let yourself be captivated by the wide selection of our women's boots, models with excellent designs and the nuances that only natural leather can bring to each of them, something that turns each booty into a unique shoe. Check it yourself!