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Edward´s - Zapatos castellanos

The boat shoes and loafers of the Calzados Edward's brand are some of the best valued by all men who choose a comfortable and quality footwear.

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Tradition and quality manufacturing shoes

Hand made loafers shoes made in Spain, is a shoe that is recognized at first glance, when we refer to this shoe we all have in mind the classic mask loafers.

The moccasins have gained popularity during these almost 100 years of history, becoming a type of famous footwear and with great popularity among men; At present the Castellanos for men manufactured in Spain have a recognized prestige at an international level. Edward's loafers shoes are the fruit of more than thirty years of experience manufacturing handmade shoes for men, with high quality materials by skilled hands specialized in hand-sewn moccasins.

Authentic handmade loafers

The shoe moccasin, or as it is also called "Zapatos Castellano" is still manufactured in the traditional way, ie with the kiowa construction, where the leather of the bottom of the shoe is the same as the top, thus get the footwear "wrap" the foot like a glove. In Edward's know that the current man, value and demand a comfortable footwear and quality increasingly, so not only select the highest quality raw materials, it is also very important to make the loafers. The authentic "Zapatos Castellano" shoes are manufactured with the kiowa construction, resulting in a very comfortable moccasin that fits the foot like a second skin.

Loafer shoes with rubber floor, the maximum possible comfort!

Thanks to the constant development I+D in the search for maximum comfort, in Edward's have developed loafers with rubber soles, with a design so refined that it is almost impossible to differentiate some hand made loafers shoes with leather soles of others with floor of rubber. To get comfortable and durable loafers shoes, there is no better choice than buying a moccasin with rubber sole.

Moccasins sewn entrecarne, the highest expression of quality

One of the signs of quality in the universe of the moccasins, is the entrecarne seam, the highest quality hand made loafers shoes are sewn on the last, stitch by stitch to get a perfect seam and an exquisite fit of the leather pieces that give as result an exceptional fit and finish. The loafers shoes with sewn entrecarne are therefore the best moccasins we can buy, if you are thinking about buying moccasins, you can not stop trying a model that is made to be in shape, when you experience the sensation of wearing stitched shoes entrecarne your feet they will appreciate it.

Edward's shoes sewn entrecarne [PREMIUM QUALITY]

Edward's craftsmen delight us with Premium quality shoes, cowhides selected among the best qualities to build moccasins assembled and sewn entrecarne on the last with double thread, to satisfy the demands of men who appreciate the quality and the good taste. Discover the maximum expression of quality in shoes with the Edward's loafers sewn entrecarne, manufactured following the tradition and with the best materials.

Nautical with all the quality and comfort of Edward's loafers

Following the demanding quality criteria and the traditional kiowa construction system, in Edward's they manufacture nautical shoes, achieving that this type of footwear, with an unmistakable and timeless style, is a reference thanks to its excellent finishes.

Buy Hand made loafers at best price is very easy

Thanks to a commercial policy focused on the satisfaction of our customers, in Calzados Rosi we put all our effort so that you can buy quality footwear made with the best know-how, the artisan tradition and the best quality and price ratio. Buy cheap and quality loafers shoes in very easy, buy your hand made loafers on-line comfortably from home.

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