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Over the years, the Cabrera shoes and slippers have been worn by many people who are looking for comfortable and quality footwear to be at home too.

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Comfortable shoes to be at home

For almost 4 decades the Cabrera shoes have been a benchmark for quality and comfort when talking about shoes to be at home, during all these years the main priority of Cabrera has been the comfort and quality of the product, something that they have achieved thanks to the very high quality of the raw materials, together with an exhaustive quality control.

For making the shoes, only the highest quality materials are used, whether warm cloths and warm fabrics for slippers and winter slippers, such as fresh and light cotton fabrics and curl for summer shoes. In the case of summer, special mention deserves the towel slippers, one of the star models of Cabrera summer after summer.

Slippers for men and women

Currently the Cabrera shoes have combined their experience and tradition with the design, resulting in comfortable, original home slippers that adapt to the needs of the most demanding customer.

With lines of shoes for men and women, all models of Cabrera shoes are designed and developed taking into account the needs of people today. One of the great advantages that Cabrera shoes provide is that they allow machine washing (always in cycles of delicate clothing)

Within the classic models, we can find two manufacturing systems, on one side are the vulcanized shoes, a classic in the Cabrera catalog. Not forgetting the line of shoes mounted on ultralight EVA soles, a delight for people looking for lightweight shoes, lightweight and as comfortable as if they were barefoot.

Do not hesitate, if you value comfort above all and you like to relax when you get home, Cabrera are your shoes.

Slippers made in Spain

Every time consumers are more aware of the origin of the products we buy, there are many customers who ask us where the footwear of our online store is made, in we give priority to the brands that manufacture their products in Spain.

The Cabrera shoes are made in Spain, which is why they proudly wear the Made in Spain label. If you are thinking of buying comfortable shoes, do not hesitate, you are in the right place. Here you can see, compare and buy Cabrera shoes with total comfort from your home, from work, from your mobile device at any time. Buying Cabrera shoes online, it was never so easy!

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