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Inter Bios

Sandals Interbios are a perfect example of bio healthy shoes for both men and women. Try on some men bio sandals and women bio sandals and discover a unique effect of rest and comfort.

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Interbios sandals, the summer essentials

Those who have never tried any of the Interbios sandal models have not discovered what the true pleasure of enjoying maximum comfort on their feet represents. It is not necessary to use Interbios for a long time to appreciate all its advantages. Just by trying them you can begin to feel how incredibly comfortable they are. Not surprisingly, it is one of the star brands of our online store. They are, without a doubt, the women sandals and men sandals that all our customers like the most.

During the spring and summer months, many people are looking for Interbios shoes. If you want to find the best place to buy interbios, do not hesitate, you are in the ideal place. Here you can find all the colors and models you could want from the Inter Bios catalog.

Interbios, the perfect women's bio sandals

Summer is when this type of footwear becomes the best option for walking with maximum comfort. There are many women who have discovered the Interbios brand, and have become true lovers of this type of ergonomic women sandals.

It is indifferent if you prefer flat sandals for women, or on the contrary you feel better with a model that has a bit of a wedge. We have from the brand's most classic Interbios flat sandal models, to the most current models and the most popular women sports sandals designs this season, in our Interbios online store you will find the perfect model for you. And if you already know them and want to renew your looks, here you will find a multitude of colors of the most sought-after models from Inter Bios.

Do you still have doubts? You just have to take a look at the comments of other clients who have bought their Inter Bios women in our online shoe store. We have satisfied clients in more than 40 countries around the world. For us it is a satisfaction to hear the opinions of those who have chosen us to buy InterBios sandals.

Inter Bios shoes, a footwear 100% Made in Spain

The expert artisans of Calzados Interbios have been developing each new collection for more than 25 years in the factory located in Elche, one of the areas of the Spanish Levante with the most tradition in the manufacture of quality and comfortable footwear. From there they have managed to lead the sector of women bio sandals, and every summer Interbios shoes are one of the most demanded styles of footwear by many people.

And it is not surprising, since its models of men sandals and women sandals offer a comfortable, anatomical and healthy product at an excellent price.

Always in constant evolution to design and develop comfortable sandal models, all Inter Bios products incorporate their famous arched anatomical insoles, which reproduce the anatomy of the sole of the foot. Insoles allow the weight of the body to rest evenly, balancing the position of the legs and reducing the effect of fatigue.

Inter Bios sandals 2021, we have news!

This year, one of the novel improvements offered by Interbios footwear is that the insoles of many of the brand's bio sandal models have light padding that further extends comfort when using them.

But in addition to the characteristic insoles of these bio sandals women, all the models stand out for the quality of the materials used to make them: soft leathers that allow each Inter Bios sandal to be exceptionally comfortable.

This season we also add new colors of classic models, making it possible for some of the Interbios flip-flop designs to have the full range of possible colors in the Inter Bios 2021 catalog.

Inter Bios footwear with the best design

The New Collection surprises us this season with new designs and colors that add to the already classic models of flip flop woman sandals, undoubtedly one of the essential designs of the brand.

In addition to the ultra-comfortable flat women sandals, which always surprise those who discover them for the first time, we also have novelties in wedge models. And new colors in Inter Bios shoes for women, like the designs with the closed toe, halfway between a sandal and a shoe.

The closed toe models are perfect to start the spring and summer season, since they are the ideal footwear to take the foot protected when it is not too hot yet, but boots and ankle boots are starting to be a bit overwhelming. These Inter Bios shoe models are ideal for those who want to have cool and comfortable footwear in summer, without having to show their toes.

InterBios man, comfort above all

Also thinking about them, Inter Bios offers a wide variety of men's bio sandal designs. Within the Interbios catalog we can find many models of Inter Bios sandals men, with discreet designs for men who value quality and comfort over design. But also with current models, for those men who pay attention to fashion and masculine trends.

At Calzados Rosi we put at your disposal one of the most extensive Inter Bios men's catalogs: here you will find a wide variety of models, from the most classic, such as Interbios flip-flops, to sandal models with buckles or velcro, which facilitate fastening the footwear to our feet without subtracting an iota of comfort.

Here you will find all the Interbios footwear for men you are looking for, if you want to buy Interbios sandals you are in the ideal place. Whether you are looking for an open model type flip flop, or if you prefer a closed toe model.

Interbios with removable insoles

There were many clients who asked us every summer for a sandal with the quality and comfort provided by the Inter Bios, but that would allow them to wear their personalized insoles.

Thanks to the constant innovation of the brand, we can satisfy this demand from our clients. For several summers now, Interbios sandals with removable insoles are one of the best sellers. Without a doubt, a luxury for women who use personalized insoles, and who wanted to enjoy the comfort and style of the brand's designs.

If you are looking for comfortable women sandals that allow you to enjoy the summer by wearing your own insoles, we have them! Thanks to the development of a sole that allows you to replace the original brand insoles with personalized ones, now you can choose your Interbios sandals specially designed to use with your own insoles, enjoying all the comfort and style that the unique Inter Bios designs provide us.

Interbios for everyone!!!

At Calzados Rosi we are premium distributors of Inter Bios sandals, both in our Inter Bios Madrid stores, and from our Interbios online shoe store. We offer you one of the most extensive Inter Bios catalogs that you can find in one place.

We are specialists in comfortable footwear and, without a doubt, one of the most representative brands of comfortable and healthy footwear for summer is the Interbios footwear models. Both the Inter Bios women and the Inter Bios models for men are preferred by many of our clients who appreciate comfort and quality.

More and more people are looking for comfortable and healthy footwear, which provides them with the necessary comfort so that their feet do not suffer after long hours of work. Summer is a particularly difficult time for our feet, and the heat invites us to avoid wearing closed shoes at all costs. It is then when an Interbios sandal becomes the best ally of our feet.

But not just any sandal is suitable for all people, that is why we are committed to offering a wide variety of designs and models of Inter Bios sandals. We are fully convinced that you will find an Interbios model that suits you. This certainty means that more and more people trust us, currently we have clients in more than 40 countries who enjoy their Interbios thanks to

We also want to make it very easy for you so that you can buy Inter Bios sandals at the best price, choosing your favorite model, in an agile and comfortable way without leaving home or work, with total security and with the guarantee of being able to return them without problems. Simply choose your size in the model that you like the most and... enjoy the pleasant sensation of walking in total comfort this summer!

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