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Pepe Menargues

Shoes and booties, but also sandals with their own designs, where the simple lines mark the lightness, quality and craftsmanship with which each pair is made. Still not you tried? So let yourself be seduced by comfortable shoes, designed for you!

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Comfortable footwear manufactured in Spain

The origins of the brand date back to 1975, when Pepe Menargues began his relationship with the world of footwear, since then many things have changed in the way of making shoes, but they have always known how to maintain the artisan spirit at the time. to make all his creations, working with a demanding character and a great perfectionism to get a comfortable and quality shoe with a design designed for women.

But all this would not make sense if they did not complete the entire manufacturing process in Spain, because this way they can guarantee the quality of the materials, as well as the different processes required for the manufacture of footwear, in this way each shoe, booty or sandal of the brand proudly wears the distinctive "Made in Spain"

Quality shoes that unite technology and ecology

Thanks to the application of the most advanced technology and high quality materials, Pepe Menargues not only get a flexible, comfortable footwear that improves breathability; production processes are also optimized, achieving advances of an environmental nature, such as the optimization of available resources, energy efficiency and recycling.

Good example of this is the use of the new technical lining, 100% healthy and ecological, with an extra soft touch and thermoregulatory effect, allowing the correct natural breathing of our feet, while offering us maximum comfort. It is also a washable and fireproof material, with a production system free of chromium and CO2 that complies with all CE and US quality regulations.

The secret of good footwear

The use of noble materials such as leather, is the secret of Pepe Menargues in the manufacture of all his models, undoubtedly the key piece to get some comfortable shoes for the current woman, who demands shoes with softness to the touch and great flexibility in its daily use. The leather used are tanned following strict quality parameters, and of course respecting the existing legal regulations. The leather is finished with a brush and natural waxes to provide each pair of shoes, boots or sandals with the unique and handcrafted appearance that will make the quality of the footwear last over time.

There are other details, in addition to quality leathers, perhaps less obvious, but they are also very important when it comes to getting comfortable shoes of quality, we talk about the lasts, which are studied and tested to find the exact measurements that make more easy every day of every woman who uses shoes Pepe Menargues. The heels, soles and wedges are carefully selected to guarantee an adequate and comfortable fit for any type of foot.

Footwear for custom insoles

In Pepe Menargues are aware that it is increasingly common for women to use custom insoles, so the practical totality of shoes and boots have removable insoles of great quality. These insoles give the footwear a better cushioning and protection in the plantar area of the foot, also makes it easier to use the custom, orthopedic and anatomical insoles, since you simply have to replace the insoles of each shoe with ours.

Comfortable shoes online - find yours

Within the wide range of styles and shapes that Pepe Menargues presents to us, in Calzados Rosi we select the models that best fit and represent the perfect balance between fashion trends and the search for comfortable footwear for women. If you spend many hours standing or walking, in our Pepe Menargues catalog, you will find those comfortable shoes that you are looking for, designs and colors that are fully up-to-date with which you can walk with total comfort in your day to day life.

If instead, you prefer a comfortable boot, with a little wedge, we have the star model of Pepe Menargues of the autumn-winter season, it is an infallible and super comfortable model with which you will be delighted as soon as you try them, plus It is available in a range of most suggestive colors.

Do not hesitate, if you are looking for comfort for your feet, you are in the right place, simply choose the model that best suits your style, we are sure you will repeat.

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