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If you are looking for dress shoes, elegant, comfortable and of 100% Made in Spain quality, you have come to the right place, we present you the best selection of men's dress shoes made only with the best leathers.

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Men's shoes, choose your style

From men's moccasins, to Oxford shoes... Calzados Donattelli was born in Almansa, the cradle of the best men's footwear in the Peninsula. Currently the second generation of this family business is at the forefront of the artisan production of essential men shoes in any men wardrobe.

Under the Emirey brand, Calzados Donattelli presents a wide collection of men dress shoes. But also iconic models within men's footwear, such as the brown suede oxford shoe, a style of men's casual shoes that add distinction to any look and are imperishable in the world of men's fashion.

Classic men shoes have barely evolved over the last few years, but there are certain details that bring that little touch of elegance and exclusivity to certain models, that savoir affeer that only the most expert shoemaker craftsmen manage to transmit to their creations.

Men's dress shoes, elegance at our feet

Elegant men's footwear has to keep certain standards of aesthetics, especially when we talk about a dress shoe. Some sociological studies expose that footwear comes first, or one of the first things that we look at when meeting another person.

This is just one of the reasons why the correct choice of shoe is so important, fundamentally if we want to convey a feeling of sobriety and elegance. Also in the case of important moments in our life, such as a social event, a job interview or an important meeting.

Unfortunately, it is more frequent than it would be desirable, to see grooms and groomsmen at weddings, and even many guests at any celebration with footwear that does not honor the chosen clothing, if not rather it usually ruins the look.

Getting the right choice of men's dress shoes is easier than it may seem, you just have to follow certain very simple rules. If you want to be flawless, follow these brief recommendations.

Formal shoes for men, the keys to success

As a basic rule, although not fundamental, it is preferable that men's dress shoes, as for example in the case of groom shoes, be laced. Regarding the color, it is better to choose a dark one, since are the ones that best combine with suits and formal male wardrobe. Although this detail may be obvious, sometimes it is easy to get carried away by trends or fads and choose a color that is not entirely suitable.

Although it is true that to combine with certain dress outfits, but less formal such as tweed suits, a brown shoe can be a great success. In the case of wearing a formal suit, the color of the footwear is drastically reduced to black.

For the more formal styles of men's suits, such as the tuxedo, the tailcoat or the morning suit, we will choose one type of shoe or another. In the case of wearing a morning coat, the most appropriate footwear is a plain Oxford shoe, although the option of choosing a model with a seam on the upper, or with a decorated or dotted toe, is also the right option. It is also appropriate to opt for the double buckle shoe.

As for the most suitable footwear to wear with a tuxedo, it is the smooth lace-up shoe, and much better if it is a shiny leather model, usually the label required that the shoe be patent leather, although the current taste of the majority part of the men makes patent leather not so common. There are also options for label footwear with a somewhat more 'softened' shine and which are just as elegant and appropriate as the classic patent leather shoe.

And if we need to wear a tailcoat as a clothing to some special event, the correct choice of footwear for this case would be plain Oxford shoes, or in any case a smooth lace-up shoe, and better in a leather that does not have as much shine as in the tuxedo case. In any case, the use of the tailcoat is currently relegated to a few official grand gala events, so if you are lucky enough to have to wear it, do not forget to wear the most appropriate footwear.

Elegant and comfortable men's dress shoes

Comfortable footwear is essential to be able to be comfortable with our look and with ourselves. Although this statement may seem obvious, in many cases we make mistakes when choosing our dress shoe, even in the case of being intended for a ceremony or an act of etiquette.

The shoes must be comfortable above all, because no matter how beautiful and elegant they are, if we do not feel comfortable wearing them or are not comfortable when walking, attending any event will be an ordeal, which can be ruined by choosing a inappropriate footwear. It is not only about making a good impression, a shoe is not only elegant but also comfortable.

All the models offered by the Emirey brand have been made with the best leathers and materials to provide not only the elegance that this type of footwear requires, but also to provide the comfort that your feet need.

An important detail when choosing a men's shoe, whether it is the case of boyfriend shoes, or dress shoes to wear daily to work, is to prioritize that the soles are made of rubber, this provides extra flexibility and comfort to footwear. The design of the soles of every Emirey shoe is made with prefabricated rubber soles, carefully executed to bring comfort and elegance together in the same shoe.

And although we have left it for last place, it is no less important for that. If we want to be sure of choosing comfortable, quality men's shoes, our choice must always be natural leather shoes. Leather, as a noble material, will adapt to the morphology of our feet much more easily than any other synthetic material. We always have to be aware that the leather will give way, adapting and adjusting to our feet after a few hours of use. In addition, with the proper care with waxes and specific products for cleaning and preserving the skin, we can enjoy our choice for a long time.

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