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Gum Go

In the GumGo by Wikers collection you will find the comfortable women's shoes that best fit you. A line of casual footwear 100% made in Spain with an optimal design designed to offer extreme flexibility.

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Gum-go women's shoes

GumGo shoes are made with the best naturally tanned leather, chrome-free, without glue or glue. As a result, super comfortable footwear is obtained, handcrafted so that you feel the softness and affection with which they are made. In its construction, the use of materials that favor the care of the environment has been maximized.

They have an anti-abrasion sole made of 100% LTPU that does not wear out, so you can enjoy your comfortable Gumgo shoes for much longer. In addition, the soles are sewn to the leather in a completely handmade way, one by one, stitch by stitch, so that you can enjoy all the comfort offered by quality footwear made in Spain.

Comfortable women's loafers

In the Gumgo footwear collection, you will find a wide variety of models and designs, so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and personal style. From flexible and comfortable lace-up shoes with which to walk all day without feeling tired, to classic women's moccasins with side elastics, a great success when you are looking for a comfortable shoe that is easy to put on and take off.

We also offer you a basic design such as Mary Jane-type bracelet shoes. With a velcro closure that is very practical for those women who do not want to have to fasten laces but appreciate the fastening of the shoe to their feet.

Super comfortable and flexible shoes

As we told you, the sole of Gumgo shoes is super flexible, in its manufacture all the parts of the shoe that do not provide comfort and flexibility to the result have been eliminated. They also have removable gel insoles that increase the feeling of comfort when walking.

If that hyper flexibility were not enough to make them comfortable shoes, the last has been studied to the maximum to achieve a perfect adaptation to the feet. Its toe box is wide with optimal anatomical space for the toes, and the softness of the leather used makes it the most comfortable shoe you've tried on in a long time. You won't want to take them off!

Gumgo shoes, comfortable and sustainable

Gumgo by Wikers shoes are made with natural skins that are naturally tanned and 100% hand-sewn, made in Spain with high quality standards and full social awareness, taking care of the planet and people. Putting the focus of attention on minimizing the footprint left. In addition, a large part of the materials used in manufacturing come from recycling and reuse.

If you are looking for comfortable and quality footwear, and you feel the need to take care of the environment, do not hesitate in the new GumGo footwear collection you will find your perfect shoe to walk throughout the day. Do not forget to try any of its versions, models and colors, we are sure that they will become your new favorites.

Women's shoes removable insoles

All GumGo models have removable anatomical gel insoles lined with hypoallergenic microfiber, so if you need to wear custom insoles, any of the GumGo shoe models can be a great alternative to bringing your own insoles.

Our experience of 40 years of footwear for different generations, has led us to be able to ensure that GumGo shoes are firm candidates to become the preferred footwear for those women who use insoles and are looking for comfortable and light footwear, and that is that GumGo designs are a perfect alternative to sports shoes due to their comfort, but with the added advantage offered by fully up-to-date designs and the quality and naturalness of the skins used in their production.

Do you have doubts about which model, size or style to choose? Do not stop contacting us, if we are proud of something at Calzados Rosi, it is our Customer Service, personalized, close and friendly. Call us! We are not like Amazon, here there will always be a person on the other end of the phone to answer all your questions.