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Discover the Mexas huaraches, a women's shoe made by hand in Mexico with more than 500 years of history. At Calzados Rosi we offer you a large selection of huaraches so you can choose the one that best suits your style. don't you know them yet? Do not let them to tell you! and discover for yourself how comfortable they are…

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Mexas shoes, a young brand that recovers a tradition with more than 500 years

The first huaraches sink into the roots of the American continent, being footwear that was already made by the inhabitants of the continent before the arrival of the first European explorers. This primitive huarache was made of cotton, after the arrival of the Spanish people in Mexico, they were perfected, beginning to be made with leather straps as we know them today, that's why when you buy Mexas shoes, you wear your feet a shoe with more than 500 years of history

Since then the manufacturing techniques have changed little, being a shoe that is made by hand almost entirely, and where the craftsman's skill plays a very important role. As an artisan shoe, it is completely normal to find small imperfections and details that make each shoe unique. Far from being considered a defect, this gives the huarache shoe a unique personality.

Huaraches Mexas, from Mexico for you

Until a few years ago, this type of footwear was worn mainly by friars, peasants and locals. Until new generations of young people have 'rediscovered' this traditional footwear and have fallen in love with these comfortable shoes with designs and colors that transmit the energy and light of Mexico.

The name 'huarache' derives from the word "kwarachi" of the Purépecha or Tarascan language, and refers to both a type of shoes and sandals made in Mexico. In Mexas they have wanted to maintain the tradition, adding a touch of the current style, with designs and colors designed for European women. All Mexas huaraches shoes are made in Sahuayo de Morelos.

Making the huaraches

The Mexas shoes are manufactured by artisans, who in many cases have inherited the family tradition of making them. In many cases they are people who have been in the trade for more than 30 years. It is very common for factories to have family ties, and for several generations and members of the same family to work together in the same factory.

The Mexas brand huaraches that you can find in our online shoe store, are made in natural leather and handmade. Each pair of huarache shoes usually passes through the hands of more than 10 people throughout its manufacturing process.

Following the traditions of several generations, currently the young people of the Sahuayo area have continued the traditions and family businesses, updating the factories with technology and innovation, but without losing the essence in the elaboration of this type of footwear.

Huaraches shoes, artisan tradition

Depending on the braid design, it usually takes about 2 hours to make a pair of Mexas shoes. And the most complex part, and the one that requires more time and skill on the part of the person who makes us, is the braiding, or 'encorrallar' the strips that will form the braiding of the leather strips.

The entire process of braiding or 'encorrellado' is traditionally carried out by women, who are usually called 'Las encorrelladoras'. Many of them are housewives who make huaraches in their spare time due to their housework, family care, etc. and that in this way they achieve extra income for the household.

Mexas shoes are made by a great team of Huarachero master craftsmen and women. Using only high quality materials such as leather and natural rubber, with a careful manufacturing process, that is why Mexas huaraches are comfortable and quality shoes, the result of a transparent industry.

Mexas, footwear with a social commitment

Mexas is a very young footwear brand, which has been on the market since 2019, and since its inception they have opted to be a benchmark for responsible production, the Spanish brand of huarache shoes made in Mexico has wanted to give back to society part of its profits, so with each pair of huaraches sold they donate €1.00 to Mujeres Aliadas, an association that fights for the dignity and health of girls, adolescents and women in Michoacán.

But the social commitment of Mexas does not end with this initiative, they are also fully committed to the environment, another detail to take into account is that the brand's shoes are made with natural cowhide leather, the colors of They are obtained with vegetable dyes. In addition, the packaging and containers are made with 90% recycled materials, and at the same time are 100% recyclable.

Thus, the Mexas shoes not only blend tradition, originality and modernity. They are also committed to responsible and sustainable consumption, and at Calzados Rosi we are very proud to be part of this project.

Mexas huaraches shoes, main characteristics

One of the main advantages of this type of women's shoes is that they are handcrafted with natural leather. And like all women's leather shoes that you can find in our online shoe store, this makes leather shoes adapt much more easily to your feet. In addition, the leather allows the foot to breathe naturally, which is why huaraches are comfortable shoes ideal for the spring and summer season.

These are some of the main advantages of Mexas:

  • ● They are 100% natural leather, when using them you will notice how wrinkles will form in the leather a few days after wearing them, this is the sign that they are genuine leather and are adapting to your feet.

  • ● With use, the leather of the footwear ages, and in the case of huaraches the color will change hue, as a general rule the color will become a little darker.

  • ● The Mexas are 100% handmade, they are not mass produced. Each shoe is unique and it is normal for it to have small irregularities. This, far from being considered a defect, gives the shoe a unique and personal character. All shoes are inspected and pass several quality controls, but we are human and we may miss something, if you have seen any detail that you do not like, contact us and we will evaluate the specific case.

  • ● The soles of the Mexas huaraches are made of super flexible rubber, they also have a padded midsole to be even more comfortable when walking.

How to take care of your Mexas

We are convinced that when you try them on they will become one of your favorite loafers shoes, as they are leather shoes they will adapt to your feet right away and you will find them more comfortable the more you use them, since It is very flexible and light that allows your feet to breathe optimally.

Being a 100% leather shoe, it won't require much care, but if you want your huaraches to last for several years and to be able to fully enjoy them as beautiful as the first day, we recommend you follow these tips to take care of them :

  • ● Avoid placing them in the sun, or near any heat source such as a radiator, the sun can cause the shoes to discolor, and the heat can cause cracks in the leather.

  • ● For 'daily' cleaning simply use a dry, lint-free cloth.

  • ● At least from time to time it is advisable to apply colorless cream or natural wax to nourish and protect the leather.

  • ● If you need a deep cleaning, use a soft bristle brush to remove dirt, and then rub with a soft cloth with soap and water, the ideal is to use a 100% natural.

  • ● If they have gotten wet, let them dry in the shade (never in the sun or near a heat source)

  • ● Once the summer is over and you are going to stop using them, store them clean in their box, filling them with newspaper so they do not wrinkle.

How to combine huaraches?

Huaraches are a style of informal shoe, which remind us of women's loafers, and certain models of Interbios sandals. They are very easy to combine with any spring/summer outfit and as they are available in a wide variety of models and colours, at Calzados Rosi we are sure that you will wear them with countless looks this season.

Need some ideas? Here are some tips for you to get the most out of your huarache shoes: As they are women's flat shoes, they are very versatile to wear to work or for a relaxed walk. Try combining the Mexas Acapulco with jeans and a white blouse and you will have a perfect and very stylish look to go to the office.

And if you want to show off with extra color and style on the weekend, bet on wearing the Mexas Papalote with a linen dress in neutral colors, the combination of colors will make you stand out in any social gathering.

Buy Mexas shoes at Calzados Rosi

Don't miss the entire collection of Mexas huaraches shoes that we have available for you at Calzados Rosi. Do you prefer plain models or are they more combined? We are in love with the Chiapas and Guerita models, but we have to admit that we would take one of each model home.

Choose your favorite Mexas at Calzados Rosi and buy them with total comfort from home or from work, we'll take them wherever you want with free shipping. And if you don't get the size right, don't worry, returns at Calzados Rosi are very easy.

Do you have questions? Do you need help to place your order? Don't worry, we are not like Amazon, here you can always talk to a person who will help you with everything you need. Do not stop calling us, or write us by WhatsApp or email.

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