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Tolino shoes and boots parade on the most important international catwalks: the streets of cities around the world, where men and women enjoy the comfort provided by quality footwear.

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Tolino footwear, your feet are asking for it...

Since 1977 Tolino manufactures top quality shoes with a current design, always looking to achieve a perfect combination of quality and price. In its factory in Fuensalida (Toledo) all its models are manufactured with care and a clear vocation of shoemaker craftsmen.

Because in Tolino they give great importance to the health and comfort of your feet, so that you obtain total satisfaction when walking, they are very demanding with the raw material used and taking care of every detail of the manufacturing process in a very meticulous way, resulting in final a perfect shoe.

Tolino shoes for men, comfort as a hallmark

Tolino marks a style to his shoes with which any man feels comfortable and rested, offering from the classic hand-sewn loafers, through the shoes of special width, to the models designed for men who spend many hours standing or walking, where the lines of professional shoes, are a clear reference between waiters and hospitality professionals.

They also have very present trends in men's fashion to create each new collection, designing comfortable shoes for men with current lines, which highlight the sport and casual aesthetic shoes, which are ideal to complement an informal look, or something more classic they get give a more casual touch.

Fitting modern and functional woman

The priority of Tolino when designing its footwear collections for women, is that they adapt perfectly to the foot, providing comfort, without renouncing trends and fashion. Because they know that it is not the same to wear flat shoes than heels, all their creations follow an anatomical study of the different types of foot, so that comfort is a key element in the development of women's footwear.

But not only the shoes are carefully designed, the boots and boots Tolino, are a reference each season of autumn-winter, knowing about it, each new collection is developed with care to get a comfortable booties that can meet the needs of women who Trust your feet in some boots or Tolino boots.

Wide-leg boots Tolino, find your measure

A special mention deserves the Tolino boots with different widths of cane. Every winter special attention is paid to the collection of boots with different widths, so that all women can find the one that best suits us.

We have a wide selection of high boots models with up to 5 different leg widths. Check the measurements of the different cane widths in the description of each model.

Find your Tolino shoes

At, we are aware that true health starts at the feet, our confidence in Tolino leads us to offer you a wide range of shoes, boots and booties for women, as well as a large selection of men's shoes, so you can enjoy of healthy feet thanks to quality footwear that can satisfy all the needs of our customers, such as the one offered by Tolino with each and every one of its collections.

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