If you have decided to get some palazzo pants, but you still don't know what shoes to combine them with, we show you some very practical ideas that will make your look elegant and comfortable.

Now that we are all clear that bell-bottoms and palazzo pants are strongly imposed this fall, we want to get the perfect outfit. In order for you to succeed with your styling, we propose some ideas to combine them, it is not a matter of dragging them, so we must wear them with heels of sufficient height.

without a doubt one of the fundamental elements when it comes to wearing this type of pants is height: if you want to make them feel good and get a perfect look, you will have to take into account that they are high-waisted pants and that more suitable is to wear shoes or ankle boots with heels.

It is best if they are shoes or ankle boots with a wide or wedge heel, in order to achieve a more stylized and elegant figure. Although the shoes are not visible (in some cases they are covered by the type of pants drop), they will change the way of walking and the position of the legs.

It is not necessary to climb to a height of vertigo, but you will be much better if you choose a shoe that is not flat; If we also opt for the wide heel (luckily, much more comfortable) we will get the seventies style of which this type of pants are a product. The advantage of wearing them with wide heels or even wedges is that we will notice less height (great for those who are not used to heels) and we will achieve the desired effect, lengthening our figure to make our palazzo feel luxurious.

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