The desert boots, affectionately called "pisacacas" in Spain, are a type of shoe that has more and more followers. The variety of colors that exist in the desert boots makes them ideal for combining with multitude of styles and looks complement, whether classic, as in the case of light brown desert boots. Although if you dare you can achieve a result very bold if you combine your outfit with a purple desert boots.

The possibilities are multiplied if you also want to change the laces of desert boots and use a contrasting color. In we make it easy if you want to buy desert boots because we give laces color you choose in each order of desert boots.

Already have clear what the color of your next desert boots? If you have already chosen yours, now we want you to discover those little details that make our desert boots in the best you can find:

Desert boots -pisacacas-

One of the major improvements we have applied to our desert boots is leather lining, most desert boots, have no lining or textile lining. This makes them less durable, it is why the furred desert boots are perfect for use all year round. Besides the leather lining improves natural foot perspiration.

Following the improvements that makes our desert boots are more durable, we stop at the Laces. Other desert boots, no metal eyelets simply has holes in the skin, which can cause cracking cords skin finish.

Stitch seam that connects the skin to the sole is another important detail in differentiating some other desert boots, a short and regular stitches will be synonymous with quality desert boots.

Originally the soles of his boots safari were crepe, although today it is a custom that has almost thrown into oblivion, as it involved a very high premium. Today the soles of the boots desert are rugged rubber, here we can see differences between different safari boots. The higher the percentage of rubber in the rubber best qualities of flexibility and durability have boots. The desert boots of sole have a high content of natural rubber, something you notice when walking with great flexibility which increases comfort.

One of the latest incorporated into our desert boots is the insoles improvements hypoallergenic fabric with a velvety soft and very pleasant, that being cushioned makes the tread more comfortable.

Finally we can not forget the tradition, safari boots Atxa have four generations behind, few companies can say they carry desert boots manufactured since 1915

Have you already chosen your desert boots? If you want to buy desert boots online choose the best.