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Comfortable and elegant women shoes. The most desired footwear!

Woman shoes comfortable and elegant


The heeled shoe is undoubtedly the most desired footwear for any woman who likes to dress in an elegant and sophisticated way. Some heels make us feel that we can touch the sky and empower us.


In addition, woman shoes with heels stylize our silhouette and lengthen our legs, creating an incredible optical effect.


However, we are not all accustomed to walking all day with heels of vertigo. Simply because we don't want to or because we feel more comfortable with flat shoes.


But if your passion is high heels and you are looking for a comfortable and elegant women shoe, read on, we give you the keys to succeed in your next choice.





In this article we want to show you the five essential characteristics that make a woman shoe comfortable (or not): the materials, the shoe blocks ... At Calzados Rosi we know them firsthand, because we have been helping a multitude of people for almost 40 years to find the model of their dreams.


Heeled shoe and love/hate relationship that arouse

Any woman should have a good pair of elegant, comfortable and easy to combine pumps shoes, which are an essential type of footwear that can save you from any special occasion or event to attend.


Specifically, a stiletto or high-heeled shoe, as it is one of the most easily recognizable heels in the world, an icon of women footwear!


The heels form a whole universe within the women shoe, and are the object of desire and hate at the same time. For many women, finding comfortable heels represents a real dream.



Pumps shoes colors


There are five basic features that have the footwear to get a really comfortable women shoe... We reveal all the details in parts!


The shoe last, starting point of a good shoe

The lasts are the key piece to achieve an optimal result so that a comfortable shoe can be considered quality footwear. Choosing the right proportions of a shoe last is a challenge to which a lot of time and effort is spent, a simple millimeter can completely change the fit of the model.


For people who are not experts in the universe of footwear and the manufacture of women shoes, talking about blocks can be a bit incomprehensible. But it is quite simple, it is the solid "mold" on which the shoe, boot or booty takes its final form. Technologies have greatly facilitated the development of lasts, although the expertise and experience of the kiln, a person in charge of the design of these pieces, is still essential to carry out the task of adjusting the lasts, something for which I need years of practice .


In Calzados Rosi we try an infinity of blocks until we find the best and most suitable to get our comfortable woman shoes. We are very clear that the shoe has to adapt as a second skin to really achieve a comfortable heel shoe.


Heels, key piece for comfort

This is another characteristic that makes woman shoes more or less comfortable. We refer to the height and shape of the heels.


Of course, the higher the heels of a pumps shoes, the more our figure will favor, but as the heel height increases, it is important to note that the comfort of the shoe decreases. It's that easy!



Woman heel shoes

This is because when the heels are raised, the inclination of the foot is more pronounced and the support surface decreases, so that the weight of the body has to be supported by a smaller part of the foot.


Although it is also essential to note that if the footwear is made with a well designed block, the height of the heels will be much more comfortable than if the last is not good.


Of course, the thickness of the heels also influences the comfort of the shoe, since the wider and/or lower the heel, the more stability and comfort they will bring to the footwear. If you want really comfortable heels for the whole day, then we would recommend wide heels.


The choice of the binomial lasts/heels print the difference of comfortable shoes, because if the last is perfectly adjusted, it will provide extra comfort even if the heel is high and thin.


The leather, a detail that influences (and much) comfort

The fundamental characteristic that really makes the difference. Women shoes in no case will be of quality if they are not made with natural leather.


In Calzados Rosi we are fully convinced that the footwear must be made of leather to be really quality, although we still find many people who do not appreciate this detail or on many occasions they cannot distinguish whether a shoe is leather or not.


Woman leather shoes


All our collections prioritize leather footwear, with this decision, we are convinced that we not only offer a quality product, but that thanks to the very nature of the leather we make the shoes more comfortable the more they are worn.


The leathers that we choose for the elaboration is selected among the best, to achieve the unique tones and characteristics that only a noble material such as the leather can provide.


And last but not least... The soles

They are usually a detail that is often overlooked in the world of footwear. Although they are a transcendental part when it comes to contributing to make woman shoes comfortable or, on the contrary, it is the typical footwear that we forget at the bottom of the closet.



Woman shoes comfortable insoles


One way to increase the comfort of heels is that they have rubber soles, as they provide incredible flexibility and comfort, and also prevent the possibility of slipping.


The more flexibility and thickness of the sole of the shoes, the less stress the front of the foot will suffer and the more comfortable the footwear is, even in the case of vertigo heels.


Well, now a small but essential detail... The insoles!

Although it may seem inconsequential, the insoles of the shoe are a detail that helps to increase the comfort of the shoe.


If the insoles are padded and/or removable, this will give us the possibility of gaining extra comfort cause the insoles make our foot rest and enjoy greater support even when we wear high heels.


These are all the main details to look for when looking for comfortable women shoes. Details that work in real life when it comes to wearing heels. We assure you that we know what we are talking about! Forget about fantastic tricks, strips or miraculous creams... It is preferable to have a good shoe to a good product that does not work.