Pisamierdas for the whole family

Pisamierdas, safaris boots, pisacacas, guarritos, carapijos...

A large number of qualifiers to describe the boots that more generations have used, with a manufacture and tanning of the leathers that dates back to the VIII century and that since then has suffered only slight variations.

Atxa footwear boots, total quality

In order to obtain good safaris boots, it is essential to use a high quality suede where the plush, bone "the hair", has uniformity without appreciating strips or scratches, and with sufficiently wide lasts so that comfort is paramount throughout sizing without losing the characteristic design of these boots. In addition to adding natural leather lining, a detail that makes each pair of pisacacas have an ideal perspiration and a correct finish, we can only mention that the sewn is "Billy" with a short stitch, a nicer finish at its completion.

Now that we know the quality of the pisamierdas boots, it is time to choose color, a difficult task, cause the variety is long.

You can find the pisacacas in a multitude of online shoe stores, or search portals. We offer you the possibility of finding them both in our shoe stores in Madrid, where we have a shop and in the online shoe store.

It is indifferent if you prefer to choose your safari boots through the online shoe store or choose the option to go to our shoe store in Madrid, because either way you can find a great variety of tones that awaken the senses.

You can choose from the most natural, such as leather pisacacas, brown safari boots or basic earth tones. We also have available the fresh and elegant shades such as navy blue boots, cowboy boots or timeless gray safari boots.

Desert boots for man

And for all the people who are looking for more luminous tones, we propose shades such as red treads, or perhaps some khaki green safari boots, purple pisacacas or burgundy.

We do not forget those who bet on a timeless and basic color, as is the case with black desert boots. What is your favorite color?

Desert boots, for the whole family!

Pisacacas boots are the perfect footwear that can be worn by the whole family, from the smallest to the mommy's and daddy's. It is a timeless model that we can all wear.

We like the color, that's why we give light and freshness providing a great range of tones to this family boot, because few models can talk that are ideal to share for children, men and women regardless of age. The safaris boots meet all our expectations.

Desert boots for women

This is a shoe that we can use for much of the year, with the exception of the hottest months in which we are sure that our feet will demand cooler footwear (such as sandals or menorquinas). But removing those months in which the heat "squeezes", the safari boots are perfect for use on many occasions, from going to work with a casual look, going to school in the case of children, and even result perfect to wear on weekends or to enjoy a rural getaway, super fun!

Desert boots, how do I combine them?

At first sight it may seem that we are facing a shoe that can be considered as sport boots or to wear very casual clothes, nothing is further from reality. It is a shoe that admits a wide variety of possibilities to combine them, you just have to choose the color that suits your way of dressing.

To combine a woman footwear ankle boots the possibilities are almost endless, cause they are perfect with denim clothes, leggings and even more formal dresses when you want to give a 'carefree' touch to styling. Try wearing pink safari boots with a tulle skirt and a thick knit sweater, the result will surprise you!

Desert boots

When we talk about combining a men pisacacas, it is even easier to hit, cause with almost any style of pants you use them the result will be perfect. For example with "chinos" pants or something more classic and thus give a different and youthful touch to any look. And without a doubt with all kinds of jeans, just choose the fit of your jeans that you like the most, the safari boots will be the perfect complement to finish off the look providing comfort.

There are even many men, that if the work environment allows it, they prefer to wear black desert boots rather than men elegant shoes for work.

As you can see, the pisacacas are footwear that adapts to wear with almost any style and way of dressing. Do not hesitate if you are looking for comfortable shoes, certainly the safari boots will be a winning choice. And is that the safari boots will accompany you in your day to day and you will see how easy it is to combine them with everything. With the wide color we offer every combination is possible.

Patent leather desert boots, do you dare?

Pisacacas boots, with so many centuries of life, have evolved very little to this day, but not even the most experienced artisans could imagine what the change could be without altering the essence of this style of female flat ankle boots, until we ventured to change the suede leather from its manufacture by flattened leather with a lot of shine and bright colors that enhance its design. With this change, the woman pisacacas boots went from being a sober and discreet footwear to becoming a comfortable booties fully current.

Patent leather desert boots

With an exquisite super soft patent leather, patent leather desert boots have become an essential complement for women looking for comfortable shoes. In addition to being lined with a warm textile hair with a touch of lamb, on cold days they are undoubtedly one of the most successful female flat ankle boots every winter season.

Haven't you tried the patent leather pisacacas yet? Well, we can guarantee that if the tests you will repeat for sure... There are already many clients with more than one color in their closets, promised!

In addition, the patent leather of these flat boots woman, we are facing a comfortable footwear that also withstands the inclement weather much better than the classic suede pisacacas.

How to clean desert boots... a child's play!

As we mentioned earlier, the outer material of the classic footwear boots is split leather and not suede. The split is a natural material, which is obtained by treating the leather and resulting in a material that is considerably stronger than many people believe.

desert boots

It is also much easier to clean than it seems. To keep your footprints as new, pay attention to these tips:

To clean your pisacacas quickly every day, you simply have to brush your pisacacas shoes with a soft bristle brush or a dry cloth to remove the dust that our pisacacas may have. In case of having a more persistent stain we will use a metal bristle brush.

Keeping the safari boots clean daily we can enjoy them as new much longer, but if you find any stain resistant to cleaning in your shoes, you can proceed to rub vigorously with a cloth that does not leave lint moistened with water and ammonia. Then let your pisacacas dry in a place in the shade and away from a source of heat. To finish passing the general brushing that returns the velvety "peach skin" of the split.

We hope this information is helpful, but do not hesitate to take a look at the rest of the tips we offer at the end of the shoe store category of our shoe store. Click here to see more.