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Patent leather desert boots, the most colorful woman ankle boots

Desert boots patent leather


There is no doubt that the Autumn - Winter season is the darkest of the year, and we don't just mean that the days are shorter and we can't enjoy the sun and the light we have in summer.


Specifically, we refer to the fact that the clothes and footwear we wear are also usually darker in color, with high boots women in shades such as black or brown. The same goes for women ankle boots, black is still the most recurring color.


If you are like us, who love to wear women shoes in bright colors, you will have noticed that during this time of the year it is more complicated to find women shoes in such cheerful tones. In summer it is easy for sandals (especially in brands such as Inter Bios) that are represented in a wide variety of shades.


Specifically, we refer to the fact that the clothes and footwear we wear are also usually darker in color, with high boots women in shades such as black or brown. The same goes for women's ankle boots, black is still the most recurring color.


Well, if you also love to wear bright colors during the winter and you like women flat ankle boots, we are sure that patent leather boots will be your favorite shoes for winter.


Desert boots patent leather colors


You will ask us why we are so keen on footwear boots, it's easy! It is one of the best selling footwear styles both in our online shoe store, and in our shoe shop in Madrid. Yes, there are many people who have trusted us when buying pisacacas.


Women flat ankle boots, the ideal winter footwear

For many of us, women ankle boots are the perfect footwear to walk through the coldest time of the year. During the fall and winter, the most common thing is that the rain and the cold advise the use of comfortable and warm footwear, and that is when the woman flat ankle boots become our best ally to use in our day to day.


Desert boots patent leather colors


It is now when the fur-lined booties make an appearance, a great alternative to keep our feet warm on the coldest days of winter. Within the category of women lace-up ankle boots this season we find a great variety of styles and designs, but it is worth noting a model that even with a few centuries of history behind it, has been recycled with new finishes and a super special color.


We talk about the patent leather pisacacas, which are always a safe bet for women who seek above all comfort and a very personal style in our footwear. They are also the perfect woman ankle boots to give color to your feet.


But it is that in addition to giving color to our winter styling, these women flat boots with laces are super warm and comfortable thanks to the interior lined entirely with textile hair, getting them to have a super nice fit.


Desert boots patent leather camel color


There are many who consult us if our patent leather desert boots are very hard, not at all! While years ago the patent leather used to be a very hard and a 'stiff' material, today the leathers used for the manufacture of our patent leather women safari boots are made with the very best high quality, with a super soft and very flexible finish, which makes this model of flat boots woman in one of the most comfortable and comfortable we have in our online shoe store, promised!


Woman shoes, classic or shiny model?

Yes, the woman footwear boots are one of the most classic models in the category of flat woman ankle boots, and this time we do not refer to the patent leather model, but to the classic pisacacas shoes made of suede leather.


We have this classic model available in a great variety of colors, always made of natural leather with the traditional 'peachy hair' finish of the split. And unlike many people still think, it is a super durable and resistant material. In addition we improve them by choosing a lining of genuine leather for the interior.


Woman desert boots


As you can see, we are very enthusiastic about the woman 'pisacacas' boots, between the patent leather and the classic suede model we have a great range of colors from which you can choose. We have many clients who have them in practically all the available colors and that is when you try the comfort of the safari boots you do not settle for just having one, be careful they hook!


Tell us, what is your favorite color? If you have not tried them yet, do not forget to see our desert boots