Professionals on many occasions, we refer to the parts of a shoe with expressions that are not known by most people, we want you to know each and every one of the parts that make it up, both inside and out.

In the following images, you can see all the outer and inner parts> of a men's shoe and a women's shoe.

Partes de un zapato de mujer

Partes de un zapato de hombre

In addition to all these, there are the parts that are not visible to the naked eye, and are the following:

Insole: is the area (usually leather) where the foot rests.

Palmilla: not to be confused with the insole, this part is not usually visible, unless we disassemble the shoe, it is a piece of vital importance, it is located between the insole and the sole. It serves to give the shoe packing, as well as flexibility to the sole assembly. The material from which it is usually made varies quite a lot depending on the quality of the shoe, it is usually made of leather or leather. In the cheapest shoes are usually even pressed cardboard. There are also shoes that dispense with this piece to achieve greater flexibility in the sole.

Midsole: as its name indicates is the piece that is placed between the sole and the palm, it serves to give body to the shoe.

Cambrillón: It is an elongated piece, usually metallic, that is placed between the palm and the midsole. It acts as a “bridge” so that the hole that forms the heel does not sink.

Finally there are the stops and buttresses, which are located on the toe and heel, between the outer skin and the lining, and serve to keep the shoes in shape.

On many occasions, by design, for getting softer and more flexible shoes, or simply for lowering the price, several of these pieces, both those that are seen with the naked eye, and those that are not so obvious, are replaced by others of smaller Quality or simply removed. That's why sometimes we can find shoes that are apparently the same, but with very different prices.