At Calzados Rosi a year ago we made the decision not to join the frantic initiative that is Black Friday. Here are our reasons:


1. We want to promote responsible consumption, and these types of provocative discounts encourage compulsive shopping. Surely on some occasion you have bought something pushed to see a very low price, and in the end you have forgotten it in a corner without hardly using it.


2. We cannot afford to make big discounts on timeless products and brands in our catalog, because we don't inflate prices.


3. We believe that buying fewer products, but of better quality, is the best way to save.


We also believe that the 'Black Friday' fashion is suicide for small businesses in Spain and Europe in general. It is an 'imposition' imported from North America that is completely alien to our business philosophy, which encourages responsible consumption, and the support of small, exclusive and authentic small businesses.


This year, many large distribution chains encourage you to advance Christmas purchases, and it is not a bad recommendation if it is done with some coherence and planning. Although on the other hand this 'advance' makes us load the illusion of Christmas shopping, gifts...


And finally, a reflection, and not from the point of view of a seller, if not a buyer (in the end we are all buyers). What is the point of a product having a price today? During the x days that the Black Friday offer lasts, it has a discount, and... after that date it will have its original price again? And, a few weeks later it is again at a lower price in the sales campaign...? For any 'conscious' buyer this situation is not very logical.


Even with everything, we respect all companies and businesses that join this initiative. But we say: NO TO BLACK FRIDAY


In addition we are also very aware that the current economic situation is being especially difficult for many people, and that these discounts help to make some purchases of products saving some money.


We are not alien to this reality either, that is why we offer products with discounts throughout the year in our OUTLET section and with the same quality made in Spain that characterizes us.


From we encourage you to join in responsible consumption, which is always easier when you choose quality, rather than quantity.