Spanish shoes

In we have been betting firmly for the shoes of national manufacture for more than three decades. We have always given priority in our collections to brands and suppliers that carry out their entire production process in Spain.

Wearing shoes made in Spain is an added value, but we do not always appreciate it as it deserves. Because of our character, we do not always judge how we should do what we do and we value the outside more than the home made.

However, more and more customers are demanding to know the origin of the products they buy. In the case of footwear is not less. Many are the customers who are expressly interested in buying shoes online where the shoe has been made.

The shoes made in Spain are a product of the highest quality, made by expert hands and craftsmen, who sometimes wear shoes for generations, transmitting know-how generation after generation.

If to this know-how, we add the knowledge that the spanish manufacturers have of the most common characteristics of the feet and apply that wisdom to the lasts of the shoes. Besides pampering the entire manufacturing process, the product resulting from all these ingredients can only be a high quality footwear. Nor can we forget comfort. That is why we put all our effort and collaboration with our manufacturers to get comfortable shoes that meet the expectations of all our customers.

The quality and safety controls of Spanish shoes comply with all European and International regulations, which guarantees us footwear free of allergenic and healthy products for our feet. They are also more ecological, by considerably reducing transport from the factory to the final consumer.

As you can see, our commitment to Made in Spain footwear is very high. We are fully convinced that this commitment is our best letter of introduction. Proof of this is the high international recognition of Spanish shoes that you can find in our online shoe catalog. We currently have clients in more than 40 countries that have trusted for the purchase of their shoes, boots, low boots and sandals.

This is because the footwear manufactured in Spain is among the best in the world for the good quality, price and design. Sometimes it is thought that quality shoes are a luxury, but nothing is further from the truth, it is an investment that the feet appreciate in our daily lives, especially in the case of little boys and girls where quality shoes should be imperatives, because taking care of the feet from they are childrens we ensure a correct development throughout his life, to have healthy feet of adults, and all this is provided by the shoes made in Spain.

All the team think that there are many advantages we can offer our clients with this way of acting, in addition to buying Spanish shoes we help sustain the country's economy, and therefore we encourage employment.

Leather shoes manufactured in Spain

Brands such as Wonders, Edward´s, Tolino, Juncal Aguirre, Inter Bios, plus many more and of course the factories that make shoes Footwear Rosi our brand, develop its production in different parts of the Spanish geography, shoes exporting to the 5 continents; Do you want to know how the shoes are made in Spain?, check out our Youtube channel to watch a shoe factory inside.

Wearing shoes "made in Spain", it is to bring footwear design and quality at a good price, think on your feet and feel the satisfaction always wear the best ...

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