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Spanish shoes


In we are firmly committed shoes manufactured in Spain, we have always given priority in our brands and collections to providers who perform all their production process in Spain.


Wear shoes manufactured in Spain, it is a plus, but not always appreciated as it deserves. By our nature, and we should not always judge what we do and we value the outside that house.


However, the shoes manufactured in Spain are a product of the highest quality made by expert artisan hands, which sometimes take making shoes for generations, passing on know-how from generation to generation.


Spanish manufacturers are aware of the most common features of the feet and apply that knowledge to the lasts of the shoes, spoiling the manufacturing process to achieve a just perfect; Proof of this is the highest recognition worldwide that has the Spanish shoes, since they are among the best in the world by value, price and design.


Quality control and safety of Spanish shoes meet all European and international regulations, which guarantees free shoes allergens and healthy products to our feet; they are also more environmentally friendly, by significantly reducing transport from the factory to the consumer.


Sometimes it is thought that the quality shoes are a luxury, but nothing is further from reality, it is an investment that the feet are grateful in our day to day, especially in the case of children where quality shoes should be imperatives, because taking care of feet from small ensure proper development throughout their lives, to have healthy feet as adults, and all this we provide the shoes manufactured in Spain.


All equipment think there are many advantages that we can offer our customers with this way of acting, also buying Spanish shoes help sustain the economy of the country, and therefore encourage employment.


Leather shoes manufactured in Spain

Brands such as Wonders, Edward´s, Tolino, Pablosky, Juncal Aguirre, Aedo, Interbios, plus many more and of course the factories that make shoes Footwear Rosi our brand, develop its production in different parts of the Spanish geography, shoes exporting to the 5 continents; Do you want to know how the shoes are made in Spain?, check out our Youtube channel to watch a shoe factory inside.


Wearing shoes "made in Spain", it is to bring footwear design and quality at a good price, think on your feet and feel the satisfaction always wear the best ...