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Tips to keep your shoes.


In footwear Rosi we are obsessed with quality, and we like that the quality of our shoes is preserved for a long time, here we recommend practices to make your favorite shoes to last long:


•If your shoes have laces, buckles or Velcro unbutton them by full to put them and remove them, used always shoehorn, so avoid that the shoe lose its form original.


• Seeks to not use them same shoes several days followed, so the skin will have time of air is and remove the excess of humidity by the sweating of the foot.


• Avoid at all costs fall into the temptation to clean your shoes with chemicals and liquid applicators of type "sponge", is very comfortable and fast, but shorten the life of the skin. Never goals a leather shoe in the washing machine, as well as damage the shoe you can break the washer drum.


• Clean them often with cream or bitumen, in addition to being clean and more beautiful nourish the skin so last more time in perfect state.


• If your shoes get wet, prevents dry themnear a source of heat (stove, fire, Sun, etc.) is best to fill of newspaper and leave them in an area ventilated so they dry slowly in the shade, you can change the role of the interior on several occasions for a little speed drying. As soon as are dry nourishes the skin with cream moisturizing, of this way avoid that the skin is can crack.


• Is very recommended that, if not you going to put your shoes during much time, for example if them guards until the following season, them keep clean and well hydrated, stuffed of paper and them goals within a box of cardboard wrapped in paper. For this is very practical have ones bolts of wood of cedar, also the Cedar gives off a pleasant fragrance.


• If your shoes are of sole of leather can avoid that slip making some scratches in form of X with the tip of a scissors or a screwdriver. If the sole of your shoes is of rubber but notes that tend to slip rub the sole with a potato raw cut by the half.


• Check often the sole and them heels of your shoes not wait to them tapas are completely worn or it sole have holes for carry them to repair to the Shoemaker, since the repair can be more expensive e even can be impossible of fix.


Comor always esteremos happy to of to respond to all your questions, if these tips not have responded to all your doubts only have that make us your query through our Service of attention to the client.