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As clean your shoes

To keep your shoes as the first day we give you a few tips of cleaning.


To clean leather shoes depending on the finish with, these are the most common finishes:

Napa, leather, patent, leather...

The cleaning is very simple, first with a cloth wet that not leave lint retired them remains of dust or mud of the shoe, then apply a little of cream or bitumen with a brush of bristle soft or with a cloth, leave dry it cream (ones minutes is enough) and then brush them shoes with a brush of bristle soft for remove the excess of cream and get that the skin is bright.


In the case of the suede cleaning is also very simple, proceed equally to remove dust or clay with a damp cloth, then witha scourer "green" damp and a bit of detergent liquid rub the shoe to get foam, will insist in them areas that are more stained, then with a cloth retired the excess of foam that could stay on the shoe, it leave dry and a time well dry brush the "hair" of the suede with a brush of bristle hard.


Suede is cleaned in the same way as the Suede, but be a little more careful since the hair is softer and more sensitive to that in the case of the Suede, so instead of using a scouring pad we should use a cloth or cloth that does not leave Lint and a porous fabric.


 Perhaps the easiest to maintain clean, simply with a damp cloth and a little detergent rub and then leave to dry.


It is easy to find shoes in leather, suede or nubuck having an oiled finish, in these cases once removed the dust or mud must apply a small amount of fat horse with a cloth that does not leave Lint and let dry at room temperature.

Patent leather

To clean shoes of skin patent will proceed equal that for them of napa, but also can remove them more glitter rubbing with a cotton moistened in milk.


For them shoes of woven sumptuous (silk, satin, organza, etc.) each case is special, because depends on much of the tissue and the color, but there is a trick that is can apply in all those cases. In a bowl is mixed a tablespoon of water and another of a SOAP liquid and is makes foam with a brush, as the barbers! With this foam rub the stain and immediately removing the excess moisture with a piece of kitchen paper and foam, we can repeat several times this, but being very careful with excess moisture.


To clean the house slippers or thes sneaker canvas, the ideal would be to wash them by hand, but we are aware that cleaning is never so perfect as if washed in the washing machine, so in the case of the canvases and house slippers we dare to recommend washing a machine, but taking precautions; the best way is to putting sneakers into a network for washing machine and wrapping the network between the linen (towels, sheets, etc.) and washing in a program short. Never wash the slippers to machine alone, because you run the risk of shoes and even the washing machine to break.


An area that is not usually taken into account when cleaning the shoes is the inner plant, when we usually use them with socks and shoes are closed or half the problem is not very serious, but in the case of sandals that are used with the barefoot, is very common after all the summer collecting dust and dirt from the floor on the soles of sandals It is highly recommended to clean them properly at least once a week. Proceed by removing the dust with a cloth or sponge, if is necessary can even use a scourer, leave dry to temperature environment and when are well dry apply a generous layer of cream moisturizing body, is preferable that after perform this cleaning leave a pair of days before return to use them sandals, so it cream penetrate in the skin and nutra it plant.


If you have ones shoes stained and with them tricks that you have described not have got clean them make you a photo and send us it to the Customer serviceWe will try to find a solution to clean them.