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Cookies use in Calzados Rosi's web

Calzados Rosi's web use the cookies. Cookies are sent files to a browser through web server to register the activities of the User in a web. The first purpose of cookies is make easier to the user a quickly access of the selected service.

Calzados Rosi's web use the cookies to make easier the navigation of the user. Cookies are associated to an anonymous user and its computer, and don't provide anything that could deduce personal data of the user. The user will be able to configure its browser so that notify or reject the system of the sent cookies by calzados rosi's web. However, in any case, quality of the web page could reduce.

The registered users will be able to benefited of customized services, thanks to the combination of the data saved in the cookies with personal data used in the register time. Users allow the use of this information with the mentioned objective.

Typology, purpose and functioning of cookies

Cookies can divide in session or permanent cookies. The first one expire when the user close the browser. The second one expire when it accomplished it purpose or when they are manually deleted.

In addition, cookies can be classified:

PERFORMANCE COOKIES: This type of cookie save your preferences that it's in the services, so you do not have to configure the service everytime that you visit the web. Like an example, in this type of cookie is where you can find the saved products in the shopping bag.

GEO-LOCATION COOKIES: These cookies are used to discover in which country you are when you apply for any of ours services. This cookie is totally anonymous, and it's only use for know the location.

REGISTER COOKIES: register cookies are produce when the user is registered or after the user start a session, and it use to identify the user in the different services with these objective:

- Keep the user identified so that another day the user does not have to identify again. Anyway, this usefulness can be suppress if the user press "close session", on this way the cookie is deleted and the next time the user have to start session to be identified again.

- Check if the user is authorized to access some services, like take part in a competition.

- In addition, some services can use conectors with social networks as Facebook or Twitter. When the user is registered in a service, the user authorise to the social network to keep a cookie which save the user's personal data. The user can remove this cookie and revoke the service access by social networks.

ANALYTICAL COOKIES: Calzados Rosi use Google Analytics. Google Analytics is an analytical web tool that allow to the place owners know the participation of their users in the web page. Google Analytic's customer can look up different reports where it describe the activity of their users in the web. Google Analytics give us anonymous information, it's only to inform about the trends of the web without the personal data of ours users. The principal purposes of these cookies are:

- Allow the anonymous identification of the users by the cookie and therefore the number of visitors and their time in the web page.

- Identify anonymously the content more visit and therefore more atractive for the user.

- Know if the user who is visiting is new or not.

For more information about Google Analytics click here.

How to disable cookies in major browsers

It's possible no accept the cookies of the URL. All browsers can change the cookie settings. This attachment it find in "options" or "preferences" in your browser menu.

For more information you can consult the support or the navegator help.

What's happen if the cookies are disabled

Some services functionalities will be disabled, for example keep the purchase in the shopping bag.

Updates and Changes to the Privacy Policy / Cookies

Calzados Rosi's web can change this cookies politicy in fuction of legal demands, regulation or with the purpose of adapt this politicy to the instructions dictate by protection data spanish agency, so that it's advisable to visit eventually the web.

When something it's change in this cookies politicy it will inform to all users by the web or email.

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