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Father´s Day

Happy Father's Day

Our heart is full of feelings for many people in our life, and we should always express it, because we don't know when we are going to have another chance to do it. Father's Day is a good time to express our love and gratiful.


When Father's Day is coming, find the ideal gift for him is a joy. There are many reasons to celebrate Father's Day: your love for him, for the family, for meet with him...more than material things, there are many ways to celebrate Father's Day and makes him feel like the best dad in the world.


How celebrate an original Father's Day:

Felicidades padre

Everything does not have to be gifts, there are a lot of ways to celebrate an speacial day like this one, for example you can surprise him making his favourite meal or with an invitation to spend an unforgettable day on a field trip. Sometimes for the most of parents, the smaliest details are the best gift for them and the best way to let them know how much we love them. Definitely a good dose of hugs, it will be the best and cheapest gift that you can do on this day for your dad.




Classic gifts like a tie, a perfume or a key-ring are not bad, but sometimes it's necessary to break with the routineto have lasting memories. Do you want that Dad does not forget this day? Do something special: a cinema or theater evening, a party or a surprise trip, a gift in which the whole family are involved...Surprise him! You will turn Father's Day into a day to remember.




Even so, a useful gift is always well accepted, and giving good shoes you will get that he enjoy it for a long time, remembering each step how much you love him. We have models for all fathers, for the most fashion, the most daring, and the most discreet as well. Choose the one you most like, there are many shoes waiting for fathers.


Do you know the origins of the celebration of Father's Day?


Nowadays the celebration of Father's Day has become usual but even it celebrated with a gift, this festival does not have a commercial origin to increase sales as many think.


Feliz día del padre

Contrary to what many people think, the celebration of the Father's Day does not have a commercial origin, the main idea of this celebration on appeared thanks to Sonora Dodd, native of Washington (United States). Sonora wanted an appreciation to her father, who took care of his children after his wife died. Sonora saw in her father a courageous, caring and selfless man, who had made all kinds of sacrifices to provided for his family. Due to her father was born in June, Sonora chose the 19th of June as the date to celebrate Father's Day in honor of him.



Regalo para Papá

Father's Day in Spain is celebrated on 19th of March, Saint Joseph. The origins of this festival take us back to 1948, where Manuela Vicente Ferrero, teacher in "La Dehesa de la Villa" decided to celebrate a day just for parents in the school. That day, the students gave to their parents handmade gifts. Due to her religion she decided to choose this date because of she considered that Saint Joseph was a model as a father and also the head of a christian family.




 The idea was a success and the next year it become known thanks to magazines like "El Correo de Zamora" or "Magisterio Español", where she contributed. In 1951 her idea had a national impact while she was in a interview for the National Radio and where she told the history of that day.





That day, before they go to work or you just get up, it is a good time to give him his favorite shoes
Something that will brighten your day!