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El universo de las sandalias para mujer

There is no woman who does not love shoes, mainly, sandals because enhance our femininity and give us a personal touch to our outfits, but what really matters is a sandal that allows us to go and make us feel comfortable when we put them.



Summer is here, the time when our feet spend more time “outdoors”. Sandals become the protagonist of our outfits, being essential to enjoy the good weather.


You already know which sandals you will wear this summer? The possibilities are almost endless. Designers surprise us every summer with new collections of shoes, so it is difficult to choose a single model. Brands such as Wonders, Plumers, Laura Azana, Juncal Aguirre, Aedo, Paula Urban and Inter Bios are leaders when it comes to sandals for women; different designs form a wide range where to find the sandal that best defines our style.


Heeled sandals

Heeled sandals


This is where designers are created, conceiving models getting enhance our femininity and make us feel special; because what is really important in a heeled sandal is the woman who wears it.



There is no doubt that heeled sandals are awakening more admiration and desire, because they get to bring a touch of glamour to our outfits for special occasions, now also thanks to the platforms we get comfort in the designs of heels more high, it is not reduced.



Heeled sandals of Plumers and Wanders, are clearly references the design with a marked Mediterranean character, its new collections always reflect the hottest trends, but without forgetting that real women are those who wear them.



Flat sandals

Flat sandals


Flat sandals are not anymore one type of footwear for girls. Today, busy women choose increasingly often-heeled sandals that allow us to get through the day with our relaxed feet; but without neglecting the design, because we always like to give a touch of elegance to our looks.



Our faithful companions of every summer, flat sandals are a waste of imagination where the creativity of brands such as Fanny Valero and Takeme enable us to choose between multitude of colors and styles with a common denominator, lack of heel or wedge.



Special mention should sandals gel plant, where we have the feeling of walking on a mattress. Do you still have not tried it?



Wedge sandals

Wedge sandals


The wedges are already part of the basic of every summer when we are accustomed to wearing shoes with a little heel, low or flat sandals are never quite comfortable heels and eventually tired after a long day, in that case wedge sandals are our best allies.



High wedges, or maybe a little lowest, no matter what your preferred height wedge, wedge sandals bring us comfort, getting enhance any style.



Thanks also to waste of imagination and design brands like Paula Urban, Wonders and Laura Azana is impossible not to find a model that we fall in love at first sight and we convince by its comfort as we try them.



Juste and esparto sandals

Jute and esparto sandals

In the firmament of the wedge sandals, we have to devote a specific category:  wedge sandals with jute and esparto. With a natural and unique style, make us breathe a gentle Mediterranean breeze whenever you use them.



Long considered low quality footwear rustic and even today we can see in the best catwalks as great designers show us that the design and glamour are fully compatible with wedges sandals jute.



One of the hallmarks that makes them special and unmistakable, is the traditional artisan way of making them, each sandal is sewn by hand, to get a unique and perfect finish, which can only be achieved through the love of a job well done.



Brands like Aedo and Juncal Aguirre present us with new designs every summer, with colors and textures that allow us to look perfect at all times, without sacrificing comfort and ease that jute sandals provide us.


Bio-anatomical sandals

Bio-anatomical sandals


Undoubtedly, sandals with bio-anatomical plant are among the most comfortable that we can use, providing an unrivaled sensation of well-being and comfort, without neglecting health and correct posture of your feet.




One of the main features of the bio-studied anatomic sandals are the curved shapes of its workforce, they bring us similar to walking barefoot on sand beach, one of the best therapies for tired feet, sore effect and helps strengthen all the joints and muscles of the foot.



This joined with 100% natural materials that are manufactured with the skins, cork and latex, makes sandals plant bio-anatomical become the best alternative for long rides in the summer.

Long considered as a type of sandals with little style and even unsightly, but brands such as Interbios, Rosi Woman or Wonders, have been commissioned to bring a touch of style and femininity, leading to patterns which have little to envy in design with any other sandal.



Do you still have not tried the bio-anatomical sandals? Try the one you more like! Either flat or with a little wedge and discover a new dimension of comfort to your feet.

Menorcan sandals

Menorcan sandals


The abarcas, ibizan or menorcan sandals have their origins in the beautiful island of Menorca, and deserve to be mentioned in a sole category, as more and more women are discovering in these sandals a perfect complement to complete their outfits more summer.



In a few time, menorcan sandals, which have centuries of history have evolved from a type of footwear worn mainly by rural people and hippies, to become indispensable for the modern woman, are not therefore outside the whims fashion. Every summer it is easy to be surprised by daring and original designs, but always retained its original spirit of being comfortable, flexible, breathable and natural footwear.



When summer comes, the days get longer and the sun gives us the Mediterranean spirit. If there are sandals that perfectly define this way of being and feeling are the menorcan sandals.



It is hard to resist the comfort of Menorcan sandals, there are designs for all people: flat or wedge; smooth, aging, skin with drafts combined ... Find the model that best defines your personality!



Confort and special wide sandals


Confort an special wide sandals

The days of not being able to wear sandals because all bothered us are gone. We could not forget the most delicate feet with sandals special and extra wide comfortable, particularly soft leathers.



Today the use of anatomic custom templates is very common, due to pathologies of female foot, so we could not forget the sandals with interchangeable templates with custom models to adapt templates, gel or orthopedic.



It is obvious that under any premise, we could leave aside the aesthetic, so the fashion component is present in each and every one of the models of brands such as Pie Santo, Notton or Lumel, where design and comfort blend to get our feet feel the real pleasure of walking forgetting discomfort, without sacrificing feel elegant and feminine.



If you had given up wearing sandals, having very delicate feet, Rebel! And find your ideal sandal between all models of our collection of special shoes for delicate feet.



Our feet ask us a well-deserved vacation after a whole autumn and winter shoes, boots or booties, now is the time to choose your sandals, do not wait until the last minute, choose your size before it runs out...

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