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The safari boots, or as it is also known colloquially in Spain: pisacacas, pisamierdas, desert boots... It is a comfortable boot that has been used by countless generations.

At Calzados Rosi we are specialists in this type of footwear, here you will find your favorite safari boots.

Desert boots

We offer you a wide variety of colors and models among which, for sure, it will be difficult to decide on just one.

Desert boots, the footwear for everyone!


Men’s desert boots. The boots you were looking for!

Sure! Of course yes, the desert boots are also the ideal boots men's to combine with the looks. The safari boot for men is an essential wardrobe that cannot be missing from your shoe rack. From the classic boots safari black suede, to the essential brown boots, without forgetting other less traditional colors but which also have many followers.

We are talking about safari boots burgundy, safari boots red or even 'pisamierdas' purple, shades that are gaining ground in men's looks. Although without a doubt, the most common colors and the ones most demanded by our clients are the blue, gray and brown tones. It is usually the winners in the best seller ranking, and it is the perfect boots for men to create modern and extremely comfortable looks. Whatever your favorite color, with the safari boots for man you will always be right and it will become your favorite shoes.

Women's safari boots. Choose your favourite!


In our online shoe store you will find the women boots in a wide variety of colors and materials, so you can choose the model and color that best defines your style. If you are looking for a flat ankle boots for women, the desert boots will be a great choice.

We offer you an incredible variety of colors in the safari boot Atxa in suede, you can choose from more than 10 shades. From the classic camel pisacacas, to the luminous and special yellow desert boots. If you prefer a more discreet color, blue and gray tones will be a great choice. And of course, we have the essential black safari boots, to which we have also put the sole in black, a success according to our clients. As you will see the possibilities of choice are very varied.

You decide how many colors you keep!

Boots with colorful laces, for the most daring!

At Calzados Rosi we want to give a new 'twist' to our catalog of desert boots combining all the colors of safari boots colored laces. The different shades of boots and laces multiply, thus obtaining almost infinite possibilities to combine the color of the boot and the lace.

We offer you the possibility of choosing the color mix that you like, we have prepared a large selection of combinations (we have more than 70 possibilities) so that you receive them ready to use. But this is just the beginning, we open the doors of your imagination so that you can get a whole rainbow of colors combining them to your liking.

Do you want to see all the models, colors and combinations that we have?


Safari boots patent leather, the perfect model in winter season

If you like classic suede desert boots and you dare with shine touch, then be sure to try patent leather desert boots. Every Fall-Winter season more clients discover this model of a lace-up woman boots and find the perfect comfortable shoe to wear on any occasion. Made in a super special patent leather finish, and a flexibility that makes them authentic comfortable ankle boots woman, ideal to wear throughout the day boasting comfort and style.

In addition, the textile fur lining makes them even more comfortable and warm, it is undoubtedly one of the ankle boots comfortable that triumph every winter, both in our shoe stores Madrid and in the online shoe store. Every time there are more women who try them and fall surrendered to the comfort they provide. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most popular ankle boots women every season, and we continue to add more colors to the wide catalog of patent leather safari boots.

Safari boots, what was it and what is it like?

In its origins, the soles used to make the safari boots were made of natural crepe, today it is an almost disappeared practice, since crepe is a high-priced material and also has very fast wear. Currently the soles of the desert boots are usually made of rubber, and this is another detail in which we can find differences between the different Desert boots. The higher the percentage of rubber, the superior conditions of duration and flexibility the shoe will have.

The 'pisamierdas' that you can buy at have the soles with a high content of natural rubber, which provides greater flexibility when walking, greater wear resistance and also makes them totally non-slip. All these details manage to increase comfort.

The last detail we want to refer to is the insoles. In all our desert boots, the insoles are made of hypoallergenic tissue, a material that prevents the appearance of bacteria that cause bad smell. It also have a super nice velvety touch, and to further improve comfort, the insoles are slightly padded, so that the tread is much more comfortable.

Desert boots

Desert boots for women, men and children

A little history

Now that you know a little more about why the picturesque name of the pisamierdas, it is time to learn a little more about the history of its manufacture.

The first boot on which it is known that it can be compared to current safari boots, is located back in the year 1606, and although the exact place is not entirely clear. The original elaboration of this type of footwear and the form of tanning of the leather, is believed to come from the first Moorish inhabitants of the Aranda river region in the province of Zaragoza, around the 8th century.

There are also those who state that in ancient times a group of wandering Jews settled in this same valley, in houses stacked next to the tanneries that stretched along the river bank and they were the first to make the first safari boots such and as we know them today.

After the reconquest of the region by the Catholic Monarchs and the subsequent expulsion of the Moors in the 17th century, the shoe industry and tanneries were settled in this area and were almost completely forgotten. From the expulsion of the Moors, those under the age of nine and those over the age of sixty were saved, who transmitted the tanning techniques to the new settlers, attracted to the area thanks to the prosperity of the tannery business.

These stories are very likely to be true, since traditionally the best pisacacas boots have always been made in the towns of the Aranda river region, among others, in the towns of Illueca and Brea de Aragón.

All the desert boots that you will find in our online shoe store, have been handcrafted by the Atxa brand. Calzados Arancha, is the company that makes Atxa safari boots by hand, a family business that has been making quality footwear for more than 100 years. Currently the fifth generation is at the forefront of the brand. Every time you wear desert boots Atxa, you have at your feet all the craftsmanship of a company with more than a century of history.

Desert boots online, choose your ones!

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Safari boots and desert boots. The footwear for all the family!

Many people are surprised the first time they hear the term Pisacacas or Pisamierdas to refer to this type of footwear. These are just some of the colloquial ways to refer to the safari boot. Depending on the regions, it is also often called Carapijos, especially in some regions of León and Asturias of Spain, in certain areas of the province of Andalusia. This type of boot is also known as ‘guarros’ or ‘guarrillos’.

While it is true that some people refer to the nickname of Pisacacas to refer to any dirty and worn shoe, the truth is that this name is more focused on the safari boot. It is also common for people who have never worn this type of boot to think that refer to rough or very rustic footwear. Nothing further from reality, the desert boots are casual style boots that can be worn by anyone and at any time of the year. In addition to the wide variety of colors and materials that you can find in our online shoe store, you can harmonize them with countless looks on many occasions.

The desert boots and its manufacturing process

The production of safari boots or 'pisamierdas' boots, currently continues to be a process that requires the skills of shoemakers, and although many processes have been automated thanks to specialized machinery and the use of new technologies, it can be considered that the manufacture of the boots pisacacas is still a traditional process.

Although it is true that each year the quantity of materials, leather, finishes and colors has been increasing, the classic Desert boots is the model of laces, and are still made of suede leather, with the rubber sole sewn with the traditional "Billy" sewn. This seam surrounds the entire contour of the boot, creating that typical sewing around it. A detail that, in addition to adding personality to the design, makes them very resistant and durable.

Pisamierdas proceso fabricación

This durability is largely due to what the safari boots have gained so much popularity over time, as a comfortable and affordable footwear. Today, for many people represent an icon, and far from their more or less humble origins, it is a very popular for many generations of men and women.

All desert boots that you can find in our online shoe stores, are of the ATXA brand, and are manufactured by Calzados Arancha in Brea de Aragón, in a completely artisan way, using only the best leather and high quality materials. We, in our desire for improvement, have decided to improve the classic model (which lacks lining), and for this we have asked the artisans of Calzados Atxa to cover them entirely in leather, in this way we get higher quality safari boots and much more durable. This is also a great advantage, since the leather lining of our shoe pisacacas improves the natural breathability of the foot.

In addition to this improvement, the Atxa safari boots have another series of details that differentiates them from other more ordinary boots. For example, having metal eyelets for laces, some safari shoes do not have these metal eyelets, and simply have holes in the leather, this can dramatically reduce the life of the shoe, as it can cause the laces to tear the leather.

Another important detail that makes the difference between a good boot and a simpler one, and that can easily go unnoticed, is the seam that joins the leather to the sole. If the stitches are short and regular, we can be sure to have good safari boots in our hands.

‘Pisamierdas’ boots, the origin of the curious name of these boots

As we say, it is common for the safari boot to be known by other names. Probably the most widespread is the not very elegant denomination ‘pisamierdas’ or ‘pisacacas’. These nicknames are the most common to refer to this type of footwear.

There is a story that tells the colloquial way of referring to the 'pisamierdas' boots, has its origin in that around the year 1700, during the siege in the city of Cádiz, by the french army. The soldiery used footwear very similar to current desert boots. During the marches carried out by the soldiers, having to go through the fields where the cows grazed, it was very common for the aforementioned soldiers to step on the excrement of cattle with their ‘pisa-mierdas’ boots, there is little more to tell about the rest of the story.

boots Kun-fuEven in less remote times, during those between the 1970s and 1980s, this type of boot was also very popular. While in this new resurgence of safari boots, it was well known with the nickname of kun-fu boot. This time this nickname was due to the famous television series of the same name, in which David Carradine, the protagonist of the series, wore old and worn out camel-colored desert boots.

Today, safari boots enjoy a new fame and popularity. Many brands have 'redesigned' the basic concept of the classic safari boot, with much more luxurious materials and designs. These luxury safari boots, in many cases adopt the name of desert boot or anglicism ‘desert boots’ as it is much more glamorous than the colloquial pisacacas boots.

It is indifferent as we call them, the safari boot is a comfortable and essential shoe, and it is the lace-up boots chosen by many generations. More and more people are rediscovering their comfort, duration and ease of adaptation to any style.

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