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Ria Menorca

Since 1947 the brand Ria Menorca, offers us the authentic Menorcan Abarcas, handcrafted in the wonderful Mediterranean island.

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Abarcas Menorcan Sandals Ria

With the arrival of summer, the days lengthen and the sun invites us to enjoy the good weather, it is at this moment when that unique Mediterranean spirit makes the Ria sandals become the ideal footwear for many people.

If there are some sandals that perfectly define that way of being and feel the summers more Mediterranean are the Menorcan Ria, we are more and more the people who value the quality Made in Spain and Ria is one of the firms that best represents the value of sandals made in Spain.

The sandal covers have their origin in the wonderful island of Menorca, and in particular the Ria broadswords deserve to be mentioned in an exceptional way, since it has been able to unite the most current design with the artisan tradition at the time of manufacturing all its Menorcan sandals.

In a few years, Menorcan sandals, which have several centuries of history, have gone from being a type of comfortable sandals used mainly by country people and hippies, to become a summer footwear essential for women and men today.

Ria Menorca Abarca

This growing general interest in Menorcan garments has attracted the attention of many fashion designers, who have given us the opportunity to make their mark on this type of footwear. That is why we can say that the Menorcans are no strangers to the whims of fashion. Each summer Ria Menorca surprises us with bold and original designs, new colors and materials that result in some unique and inimitable Menorcan brogues.

But in no case do the artisans of Ria Menorca forget that this is a footwear that must be comfortable sandals, so they always retain their original spirit of being a quality footwear, flexible, breathable and natural.

It is hard to resist the comfort of the Ria Menorcan sandals, there are designs for all tastes: flat Menorcans or Menorcan with wedge; smooth leather, aged, with openwork, combined...

Wedge Abarcas Ria Menorca sandals

There is no doubt that women who love comfortable footwear, have wedge sandals among their favorites for the summer, Ria Menorca artisans have managed to unite the design of the genuine brogues, with anatomical wedges to get some wedge sandals. they represent the dream of every woman. Unique designs that evoke nature and result in comfortable sandals perfect to wear both on a daily basis and on more special occasions, where we want to add a bohemian look to our look.

But if you prefer the traditional flat Menorcan sweatshirts, and bets for designs and colors that come out of the classics, you can not stop trying out the Minorcan knot details ... we guarantee that your sandals will attract all eyes!

How to distinguish the authentic Menorcan sandals?

Although it is easy to distinguish the Ria Menorcan sandals, in the following lines you will discover how to distinguish the authentic "abarcas" from Menorca, from the rest of the imitations.

If you do not want to go wrong when buying Menorcan sandals, you just have to take into account a few details that make the difference:

- The weight: The authentic Menorcan blankets should weigh, that means that the sole is made of genuine rubber.

- The strip of the heel: It has to be reinforced, stretch it to check that it is not flexible, this way you will avoid that the strip loosens and stops holding the avarca.

- How is the back strip attached? check that the strip is inserted inside the leather of the plant, if it is not integrated to the floor of the avarca, it will bother when walking.

- The origin: Make sure that the espadrilles are actually made in Menorca, the origin is a guarantee of quality thanks to the manufacturing process.

As you can see are a priori details that can go unnoticed, but that make the difference between some authentic Menorcan sandals from others that, with a cheaper price do not offer the same quality and comfort that the authentic Ria Menorca embraces.

Abarcas or avarcas?

There are many people who often consult us as they are actually called Menorcan sandals, the truth is that we can call them in any of the ways: Abarcas or Avarcas

Although there are only Menorcan covers, the truth is that we can refer to the sandals in both ways and any of them is correct. It is necessary to bear in mind that the authentic Menorcan sandals have a denomination of their own origin, so it is also correct when we write it with V.

The Abarca Menorquina or avarca Ria Menorca have become sandals recognized and valued internationally. Sandals for men, women and children made in a traditional way to result in comfortable sandals with the authentic Mediterranean spirit.

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