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Ria Menorca

Since 1947 the brand Ria Menorca, offers us the authentic Menorcan Abarcas, handcrafted in the wonderful Mediterranean island.

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Ria Menorca 2022 - New Collection

This summer the new Ria avarcas collection is marked by new models and a range of irresistible colors. To the already classic and well-known women's bio Menorcan shoes with cork and latex wedges with very comfortable anatomical soles, there is a new model with a V-neckline that feels phenomenal, a design that flatters and stylizes wonderfully. This model comes in a range of beautiful pastel shades, among which it will be difficult to choose our favourite.

Furthermore, following the pastel color trend, in the menorcan women sandals section, the new collection features a very special design, made of soft suede, two tubular strips of pil intersect simulating a knot to achieve an evocative and super special design.

And of course, the classic designs, both in the menorcan sandals, as well as the colors for women, are still present, to the delight of all the people who appreciate this type of comfortable footwear for summer.

Ria Menorcan sandals

With the arrival of summer, the days get longer and the sun invites us to enjoy the good weather, it is at this moment when that unique Mediterranean spirit makes Ria Menorca sandals become the ideal footwear for many people. Discover the quality, comfort and authenticity of an encompassing sandal from the world-renowned brand in this type of footwear..

If there is a type of sandal that perfectly defines that way of being and feeling the most Mediterranean summers, it is the Menorcan sandals, more and more people who value the quality of 'Made in Spain' footwear and Calzados Ria Menorca is one of the firms that best represents the value of the sandals made in Spain.

Ria sandals, tradition and style

The Ria Menorca Menorcan sandals have their origin on the wonderful island of Menorca, and specifically the company's sandals deserve to be mentioned in an exceptional way, since they have been able to combine the most current design with the artisan tradition when it comes to manufacture all your Menorcan sandals.

In just a few years Menorcan sandals, which have several centuries of history, have gone from being a type of comfortable sandals worn mainly by country people and hippies, to become essential summer footwear for today's women and men . And the firm's artisans who make the avarcas have been able to perfectly fuse all these ingredients to achieve iconic footwear that is appreciated by many people around the world.

Menorcan fashion sandals

This growing general interest in Menorcan sandals has managed to attract the attention of many fashion designers, who have let us pass up the opportunity to leave their mark on this type of footwear. That is why we can say that Menorcan sandals are no strangers to the whims of fashion. Every summer the designers in charge of shaping the new Ria Menorca collections surprise us with daring and original designs, new colors and materials that result in unique and inimitable Menorcan sandals.

But in no case do the artisans of Ria Menorca forget that we are dealing with footwear that must mainly be comfortable sandals, so they always preserve their original spirit of being quality, flexible, breathable and natural footwear.

Buy Ria Menorca - summer shoes

It is difficult to resist the comfort of Ria Menorcan sandals, we can find designs for all tastes: flat Menorcan sandals or Ria Menorca wedges; smooth leather, aged leather, with openwork, combined... And for all ages, from the Ria Menorca girl, to the Ria Menorca men's avarcas, without forgetting the Menorcan women, without a doubt the most representative of the brand.

Not in vain, the collection of women's Menorcan sandals that the firm presents to us every summer is very wide and varied, it is in the section dedicated to women's Menorcan sandals where designers recreate themselves with a greater multitude of novelties. Models of flat sandals and comfortable wedges that evoke the peace and relaxation of the coves of the wonderful Balearic Islands.

Ria sandals and Ria Shoes

Ria Menorca offers us summer after summer a wide and versatile variety of women's sandals, wedges and espadrilles perfect for day to day with casual looks or for more special events or night dates thanks to its wedge sandals models .

Among the extensive collection of Ria Menorca Women's footwear, we can find flat Menorcan sandals in a wide selection of colors and patterns, esparto wedge sandals that stylize, as well as organic wedge models that are very practical for day-to-day use. If you still don't know the brand, don't hesitate to try their models, the clients who have already tried them come back year after year, choosing different models, but always trusting in the quality of Ria Menorca shoes.

Menorcan sandals with wedge

There is no doubt that women who love comfortable footwear have wedge sandals among their favorites for the summer. The artisans of Ria Menorca have managed to combine the design of genuine sandals with anatomical wedges to obtain sandals wedge shoes that represent the dream of every woman. It is not surprising that the Ria Menorca wedges that have become in a very short time one of their most iconic models and demanded by many women

Unique designs that evoke nature and result in comfortable sandals that are perfect to wear both on a daily basis and on more special occasions, where we want to add a bohemian air to our look. If you are looking for black wedge sandals, be sure to take a look and try one of the models that Calzados Ria proposes, you will fall in love!

Avarcas Ria Menorca, rainbow of colors

But if you prefer the traditional flat women's Menorcan sandals, and you want to bet on bold designs and colours, that are out of the classics, you can't help but try on the classic flat Menorcan sandals from Ria Menorca footwear, in our online shoe store we offer you a great range of colors and textures so you can let your imagination run wild.

From the yellow Menorcan, the classic blue and the best-selling camel Menorcan, to the flat gold Menorcan sandals, one of the star colors every summer. If you haven't tried them yet, don't stop doing it, with tanned skin a flat gold sandal achieves a very flattering effect... we guarantee that they will attract all eyes!

How to distinguish authentic Menorcan sandals?

Although it is easy to distinguish the authentic Menorca sandals, in the following lines you will discover how to distinguish the authentic Menorcan sandals from Calzados Ria Menorca, handcrafted in Menorca, from the rest of the imitations.

If you don't want to make a mistake when buying Ria Menorca shoes, you only have to take into account a few details that make the difference:

- The weight: The authentic Menorcan sandals must weigh, that means that the sole is made of authentic rubber.

- The heel strap: It has to be reinforced, stretch it to check that it is not flexible, this way you will prevent the strap from loosening and no longer holding the avarca.

- How is the back strap attached? Check that the strap is inserted into the leather of the sole, if it is not integrated into the floor of the avarca, it is very likely that it will bother you when walking.

- The origin: Make sure that the sandals are really made in Menorca, the origin is a guarantee of quality thanks to the artisan manufacturing process.

As you can see, they are a priori details that can go unnoticed, but that make the difference between some authentic Menorcan sandals and others that, with a cheaper price, do not offer the same quality and comfort as the authentic Menorca footwear sandals.

Abarcas Ria, albarcas or Ria avarcas?

There are many people who usually ask us what Menorcan sandals are actually called, the truth is that we can call them in any of the ways: Abarcas, Albarcas or Avarcas

Although there is only one authentic Menorcan sandals, the truth is that we can refer to sandals in both ways and either of them is correct. Keep in mind that authentic Menorcan sandals have their own denomination of origin, so it is also correct when we write it with V.

The Menorcan Abarca or Avarca Menorca have become internationally recognized and valued sandals. Sandals for men, women and children made in a traditional way to result in comfortable sandals with the authentic Mediterranean spirit.

Ria Menorca woman

Although it is true that a Menorcan is a totally unisex type of sandal, which can be worn by men and women alike, it is also true that women's models are always much more colorful and eye-catching. In addition, women's Menorcan sandals admit a much greater variety of styles, such as wedges, platforms, more vivid colors...

A good example is the esparto wedge sandals, a fusion of the style of a Menorcan sandal with the wedge of some women's espadrilles, without a doubt a style that delights women who love wedge footwear and especially the espadrilles. Another good representation of a Menorcan-style women's sandal is the women's bio sandals offered by the brand. Designs that fuse the classic style of shovel and back strap, with cork and latex wedges with bio-anatomical insoles, without a doubt a delight to walk on. If you still don't know the comfort provided by women's bio sandals, we recommend that you try them, both the Ria Menorca models and the models offered by Interbios, a world leader in bio sandals.

Wedge Menorcan sandals, comfort and style

The truth is that we are dealing with a type of sandal that is usually flat, but there are many women who prefer to wear shoes with a bit of a heel or wedge, for them, without a doubt, nothing better than wedge Menorcan sandals. In addition, designers recreate themselves when they are developing new collections, so there are more and more models with different wedge styles. From the traditional esparto wedge of women's espadrilles, to the super comfortable wedges with bio sole, without a doubt a great alternative to women's flat Menorcan sandals. If you are one of those who prefers to live life from above, be sure to try on one of the Ria Menorca wedge models, both in our Madrid shoe stores and in our online shoe store you can find Menorcan-style wedge sandals.

Ria Menorca for men, Mediterranean style also for them

Of course, because men's sandals are also present in the firm's collections. It is true that many men usually prefer to wear another style of footwear for the summer, such as espadrilles, boat shoes, or moccasins. There are many men who do not miss the opportunity to give their feet a break in summer and enjoy men's Menorcan sandals.

In the case of Ria Menorca's men's models, the options are smaller compared to all the color and design options that we have available in the firm's women's Menorcan sandals. But that does not mean that men's albarcas are a type of comfortable and recurring sandal every summer.

Men's sandals, the most summery style

If you already have all your summer getaways planned, don't leave the choice of comfortable footwear that will allow you to enjoy your vacation to the last minute. Whether you are a men's casual shoe, or if you prefer a more open shoe like a sandal, in our online shoe store you will find your ideal shoe. If you're on the team of wearing open shoes, nothing better than some men's sandals to cool off this season, enjoying the beach bar on duty.

If you already know that this summer your feet will debut some men's Menorcan sandals, you're in the best place. In addition, this type of sandal is ideal for men who do not want to show their fingers excessively. You can also choose one of the Interbios sandals designs, without a doubt one of the star products of our online shoe store in summer.

If you have already left behind the taboos regarding this footwear, and you have joined the long list of people who resort to this style of fresh and casual footwear, all you need to do is choose one of the proposals that we offer you at Calzados Rosi . This year the collection stands out for being one of the most summery, with perfect models to wear with ease even during the hottest days of the year, this summer we offer you men's sandals that adapt to any garment and style.

Menorca avarcas outlet

Let's face it, we all love finding discounted products, comfortable shoes on sale or that shirt that we love at half price. And of course in the case of Menorca shoes as well. For us it would be great to be able to offer great discounts on all models of Menorca footwear, but we must be honest and sincere. It is difficult to be able to offer constant discounts or have a large avarcas menorca outlet section.

We are an online shoe store that offers sells shoes, sandals and espadrilles to the whole world, we send orders to customers in more than 40 countries around the world, and this makes this type of footwear completely timeless in our catalogue, because when it is winter in the northern hemisphere, the countries of the southern hemisphere demand this type of footwear.

But this is an excuse for certain models that do not have continuity in our catalog to go to the outlet section of our online shoe store, because if you are attentive / or you can find authentic avarcas menorca outlet bargains, do not let them escape! !

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